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Dr. Ronald P. Drucker​
Using Natural Immune Modulating Components to Eliminate the Root-Cause Autoimmune Attack:

Healing “incurable” autoimmune conditions has been accomplished for the last 20 plus years, for approximately 19 out of 20 persons who properly utilize the healing process.

I will tell you that it is not complicated unless we choose to make it complicated. Your DNA, family history, non-success with doctors and/or methods, drugs, and diets, has little to no bearing on this healing process. The process is the restoration of normal, accurate, immune system function with natural, side-effect-free immune modulating components, which the immune system is Designed to thrive upon. They are the critical missing-link to recovery, normal bodily functions, and optimum health.

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I will simply tell you How to Heal.

I do not sell products, or charge for services. I will simply tell you how to heal. After taking the steps below, if you feel that you have the patience for the healing process, then please feel free to call my private number if and when you need assistance, before or during your healing process. I will be happy to help you. Dr. Drucker: 954-547-0407


Read the health benefits below. This will help you understand how healing and recovery take place. You do not need to understand them to heal.


The immune modulators are expensive to produce, but cheap in comparison to non-effective treatments, waisted time and compounding diseases. Go to the Manufacturer Site and read options and dosage directions. LifeSavingFormulas.com


If you feel that you have the patience for a healing process, I will walk you through.

Dr. Drucker: 954-547-0407

The Bottom-Line for Recovery and Optimum Health:

Dr. Drucker is a natural healing physician with 21 years of experience in healing Autoimmune Conditions, spreading the word about healing Autoimmune Conditions, and teaching other physicians how to heal autoimmune conditions. “I am able to openly teach any individual or practitioner, and spread the word that these “incurable conditions” are indeed very easily healed, because I am an independent who is not selling drugs or supplements, and who is not being compensated by any party who is. I am referring the individual and practitioner to a healing procedure, and I am charging no fees to do so.”

Dr. Ronald P. Drucker, B.S.M.T. (A.S.C.P.), D.C.

DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® has gone mainstream in the Holistic Medical Community.

I, and a growing group of practitioners who are using the formula DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® are watching while patients and people in the public eliminate some of the worst diseases known to man, which are all autoimmune and classified as “incurable.” See the outlined functions of the Natural Immune Modulating Components below, and notice the number of corresponding scientific studies below.

*In some conditions, varying levels of tissue damage from the years under the autoimmune attack may remain to varying degrees. In all cases, this fact becomes a moot point, for the autoimmune attack must be eliminated as soon as possible before causing more damage in multiple areas.

Functions of the Natural Immune Modulating Components as demonstrated by science:

  • Are incorporated into the cell membranes throughout the body, enhancing the membranes effectiveness regarding a number of known functions.
  • Create a dramatic overall improvement of the assimilation of nutrients through the digestive tract, AND the intake of nutrients through the cell membranes.
  • Help stop and prevent the damage and leakage of the intestinal wall (leaky-gut syndrome), thereby alleviating the stress from the immune system.
  • Protect the mucous membranes lining the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and genitourinary tracts resulting in an increased resistance to infections, irritations, inflammation, and subsequently tissue lining degeneration.
  • Restore the glycocalyx coatings on the surfaces of killer cells enabling the killer cells to identify disease causing germs and destroy them, instead of blindly attacking the tissues of the body (Anti-Autoimmunity).
  • Provide much of the language (coding) of The Code of Life for cellular recognition, intracellular communication, and communication between cells (intercellular) and the immune system.
  • Possess immune modulating and immune stimulating effects. Stimulate accurate antibody production (by leukocytes) and an increase in the number of accurate killer T-cells produced. This expresses the tremendous importance in these immune stimulating functions. The levels of accurate antibodies present in our blood directly affects our ability to destroy pathogenic (disease causing) organisms. The killer T-cells are among our first line of defense in destroying dangerous bacteria and viruses and may even protect us from those responsible for an array of cancers.
  • Possess anti-inflammatory functions particularly effective in autoimmune diseases, due in part to the specific inhibition of leukotriene B-4, a highly pro-inflammatory substance.
  • Are likely to reduce the incidence of cancer, stroke, and heart disease, along with all autoimmune diseases. This is due primarily to the scientifically established fact that chronic inflammation increases the incidence of these conditions.
  • Contain antioxidant and free radical scavengers. The importance of antioxidants to overall health and longevity is profound. Antioxidants prevent the destruction of DNA by protecting the strands form the free radicals responsible for the destruction of DNA. Research indicates that the amounts and quality of antioxidants we consume are directly proportional to how long we will live and the quality of our lives.
  • Enhance the excretion of toxins from the cells, both intracellular and extracellular, by a unique process known as exocytosis.
  • Possess anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-yeast, anti-fungal, anti-mold, and anti-parasitic effects which are of particular interest especially today, linked to the increased incidence of antibiotic resistant strains of pathogens that are no longer responsive to treatment. This further establishes why the ingestion of these active ingredients are so helpful in preventing, normalizing, and correcting so many digestive tract disorders.
  • Possess hypoglycemic and blood sugar normalizing functions in both Type I and Type II diabetics.
  • Contain an insulin-like growth factor that lowers the required amount of insulin needed to maintain normal blood sugar levels.
  • Reduce the amount of insulin needed, thereby reducing cardiovascular risk factors and stress on the pancreas and likely increasing its useful life.
  • Enhance chemotaxis, the migration of immune cells to a site of injury or infection, eliminating infections, and thereby initiating the repair and healing response; promoting tissue growth and regeneration.
  • Support and Protect the Endothelial Glycocalyx, the critical lining protecting the arteries. See Below:
  1. Would you be shocked to learn that your autoimmune condition (See list), which your pharma/medical establishment trained doctor told you is “incurable,” is in reality very easily eliminated, simply by restoring accurate immune function?

  2. Would you be shocked to learn that the pharma/medical establishment purposely does not provide training or instruction to the doctors concerning proper immune function restoration?

  3. Did you know that Autoimmunity brings in an estimated One Trillion Dollars annually to the pharma/medical establishment?

  4. Do you understand that training the doctors to restore normal immune function would be industry-suicide, eliminating the One Trillion Dollars annually, which is 85% of the industry annual gross?

  5. Do you now understand why a medical system trained doctor or specialist will be highly unlikely to show you how to restore normal immune function to heal Autoimmunity, or even discuss it with you? Gain a deeper understanding on this subject here.

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