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Dr. Ronald P. Drucker

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Primary System Restoration

When functioning, properly, the Immune System orchestrates and supports a friendly environment within the Digestive Tract, for all the processes of digestion and assimilation of nutrients to perform as intended. The Digestive Tract, when functioning properly supports and nourishes the Immune System. Working as one, these two Primary Systems support, nourish, protect, and maintain all of the other Systems, Organs, Tissues, and Cells of the body, on an intercellular and extracellular level, right down to the bone marrow.

1. How fast can I expect results?

2. The Recommendations to Speed the Healing Process.

3. Directions for Usage.

4. Reducing stress daily to speed the healing process.

5. General eating recommendations for those suffering with Disease.

6. Detoxification: The elimination of toxins and negative bacteria.

7. Don’t cheat yourself out of healing.

8. Important information for controlling existing Diarrhea: Explanation.

9. Important information for controlling existing Diarrhea: Procedure.

10. Temporary natural remedies for constipation.

11. Health restored through the restoration of the Digestive Tract and Immune system.

How fast can I expect results?

The active natural ingredients in DigestaCure are designed by nature to nourish, support, and heal at the cellular level. As reported by product users, common healing time frames to show significant improvement range from 60 to 180 days. Healing times among individuals vary based on a number of factors. Some heal remarkably quickly while others report much slower progressions. Compliance with the Directions and Recommendations stands alone as the number one factor, followed closely by positive attitude and a strong desire to heal.

Patience is the Key

DigestaCure is not a drug which suppresses symptoms. The active all-natural ingredients are designed by nature to: nourish, support and Heal at the cellular level. Healing may take time, and patience may be required. Some individuals report complete recovery within 90 days, while others report notable improvements within the first 90 days. In all cases, it is extremely wise to allow the underlying healing process to continue. Upon recovery, maintenance level dosages should be permanently maintained to help ensure proper immune response and continued good health.

Form a habit

Do whatever you must do to ensure that you take the product consistently every day, and as directed. Placing reminders in unavoidable areas has helped many to form consistent ingestion habits. The product works wonderfully, but be certain that it will not work if you do not take it.

Use our knowledge to your advantage.

We want to hear about your condition and progress. We have Product Specialists on staff offering a support system daily. They are experts in communicating with individuals in regard to obtaining maximum benefit from this product. We are in possession of a wealth of information that can speed your healing process. Our goal is Your healing success. We Care, and it is only to our benefit to ensure your success, therefore, do not remain silent if you are struggling and please share your successes with us as well.

We cannot by law make promises, or claims for cures for diseases. We can only rely on you to allow the healing process ample time to yield notable improvement, subsequently proving the product effectiveness to yourself.

Important: Individuals currently suffering with Diarrhea: See below for controlling existing Diarrhea to enable and accelerate healing.

The Recommendations to Speed the Healing Process are:

  • Take the product as outlined in the Directions for Usage .
  • Utilize and eventually Master Stress Reduction through Full-Breathing and Positive Thought
  • Observe the General Eating Recommendations for those suffering with Disease.
  • If you have diarrhea or constipation as a symptom of your disease, utilize See Below.
  • Chew all foods thoroughly: Use your molars to grind foods into small pieces. Dramatically increasing the surface area of food before swallowing aids a struggling digestive process to surround and penetrate these smaller particles, leading to increased assimilation of nutrients, reduced cramping, and reduced amounts of undigested food particles entering the colon, which can play a role in the reduction of inflammation. Never rush meals. Never gulp food in a hurry. Never swallow clumps of food. Always allow adequate time for meals, to eliminate rushing through the chewing process. Clumps rolling through the tract can trigger many symptoms including but not limited to; acid reflux, cramping, nausea, gas, bloating, pain, diarrhea, constipation, and fatigue. You may also wish to consider eating small meals: You may find your system is able to process five or six small meals with less pain and discomfort, rather than two or three larger ones. In short: Chewing foods thoroughly can help reduce stress in the digestive tract and help take stress off of the immune system, thus speeding the healing process.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of room temperature Spring Water. Avoid municipal or tap waters as they have been found to contain chlorine, fluorine, organic wastes, other chemicals, and harmful substances. Drink spring water, mineral water, or use a filtration system. Carry a graduated water bottle around with you to ensure you actually Drink enough water for the day. Thinking about it, as opposed to actually doing it, render two very different results.
  • Get plenty of sleep: You should receive a bare minimum of 7 hours per night. Preferably you should receive 8 or 9 hours per night for faster healing. If your body is demanding more sleep, do not fight it. Adequate sleep is critical to the healing process. If you are having trouble sleeping or falling to sleep, you may wish to use 6 to 9mg of Melatonin, 30 to 60 minutes before retiring. Melatonin is all natural and non-addicting. You may need to use it consistently for a period of time before it works consistently for you. Find it in most pharmacies, or for a much better price, at Sam’s Club, BJ’s, or Costco.

The Most Common mistakes made while on this healing program:

  1. Failure to read the enclosed package information. Approximately One person out of four; 25%.
  2. Failure to call and speak to a Product Specialist, when a question or concern arises. Approximately 10%
  3. Failure to execute or complete the “Make Sure” Phase. The subject recovers to the point of “feeling pretty good” (an 80 – 90% recovery), stops taking the product altogether (pain being the previous motivating factor), or the subject drops to the maintenance level too soon, or skips maintenance all together. Approximately 10%
  4. Failure to control existing (pre-program) diarrhea, and failure to call for help. Approximately 5%. See Below.
  5. Failure to read and/or understand Page 6, Detoxification, failure to call if Detoxification symptoms are present, and/or, Mistaking Detoxification for an “allergic reaction.” Approximately One person out of 60 with a large negative bacterial infestation (the one who needs to slowly detoxify the most), makes this mistake. 2%

DigestaCure Directions for Usage:

Use These Directions.
There is not enough space on the bottle label for detailed directions.

In addition, the directions have been recently updated on this sheet. Remember:
DigestaCure is Not a Drug. It is all-natural, classified as a “food material,” potent and effective, yet as safe as a carrot or potato. There are No side-effects, No contraindications, and No reactions with medications, foods, or supplements. Overdosing is Not a possibility. It is 100% safe for children, adults, pregnant and nursing mothers, and pets too. Questions: CALL SUPPORT: 1-888-671-2873.

*Note: As of May 5, 2018, through Improved Stabilization Techniques, the Potency of the Capsules have been further increased by 50%. The capsules are no longer designed to be opened and mixed with water. The Improved Stabilization causes the powder to be more resistant to dissolving in water. The capsules will dissolve in the stomach acid for optimal delivery to the receptor sites in the small intestinal tract.

Take with or without food. Timing is flexible: Take the capsules with spring water, filtered water, or healthy cool or room temperature beverages. Spread dosages out across the day; morning and evening, or morning, noon, and evening. Timing is flexible. Precise time intervals are NOT necessary.

Use the step-up schedule outlined below in “Dosages.” One capsule the first day, two the second day, thee the third day, etc., until you are taking 8 capsules on day number 8. Hold at 8 capsules per day and communicate with Support whenever a question arises. SUPPORT: 1-888-671-2873.

If your condition is serious: After 3 weeks on 8 capsules per day, increase to 9 for a day, 10 for a day, 11, for a day, then 12 capsules, and hold at 12 capsules. Communicate with Support whenever a question arises. SUPPORT: 1-888-671-2873.

Children or adults who cannot swallow capsules: If you, or your child will not or cannot swallow capsules, you may open the capsule and mix the powder in applesauce, baby-food, formula, yogurt, or other moist foods. Children over 60 pounds should take the full recommended dosage. Children under 60 pounds take half dosages. Children under 30 pounds can take quarter dosages. Overdosing is Not a possibility. NOTE: If you are going to open capsules and mix with food, an easier solution is to simply order the ADVANCED POWDER.

Dosages; The Loading Phase:
(stepping up slowly to prevent detoxification discomfort)

Day 1:
Take 1 capsule only. Timing is always flexible.

Day 2:
Take 1 capsule in the morning, and 1 in the evening. Timing is flexible.

Day 3:
Take 1 capsule in the morning, 1 mid-day, and 1 in the evening. Timing is flexible.

Day 4: Take 1 capsule in the morning, 1 mid-day, and 2 in the evening, Timing is flexible.

Day 5:
Take 1 capsule in the morning, 2 mid-day, and 2 in the evening. Timing is flexible.

Day 6:
Take 2 capsules in the morning, 2 mid-day, and 2 in the evening. Timing is flexible.

Day 7:
Take 2 capsules in the morning, 2 mid-day, and 3 in the evening. Timing is flexible.

Day 8:
Take 2 capsules in the morning, 3 mid-day, and 3 in the evening. Timing is flexible.

If your condition is serious: After 3 weeks on 8 capsules per day, increase to 9 for a day, 10 for a day, 11 for a day, then 12 capsules, and hold at 12. Communicate with Support whenever questions arise. 1-888-671-2873.

The Healing Phase: Day 9 and onward: Remain at a minimum of eight (8) capsules daily and consistently until all symptoms are GONE. This can take several months depending on individual conditions. If your condition is serious or severe, work your way up to Twelve (12) capsules daily, increasing by one capsule each day. Higher dosages may be taken if your condition is critical or life-threatening. The product is natural and overdosing is Not a possibility.

The “Make Sure” Phase: Remain at a Minimum of 8 capsules daily while ALL symptoms are GONE. If you are still experiencing occasional symptoms, you are still in The Healing Phase above. Count 30 Consecutive symptom-free days Minimum in the Make Sure Phase, THEN CALL SUPPORT. DO NOT LOWER THE DOSAGE, OR LOWER THE DOSEGE TO MAINTENANCE UNTIL YOU HAVE SPOKEN WITH SUPPORT: 1-888-671-2873

Health Maintenance Phase: After the Make Sure Phase is complete, you may reduce your dosage to 2 to 3 capsules daily. One standard 270 count bottle will last 3 to 4.5 months on the Maintenance dosage level. If you are feeling great, and do not want to reduce from the healing level, you do not have to. As a General Rule: The more you take consistently and ongoing, the stronger and healthier you are, and the more anti-aging benefits you receive.

The most common mistake reported: Feeling good (70, 80, 90% better), then skipping or rushing the Make Sure Phase, dropping to the Maintenance Period too soon, or stopping dosages altogether. Be certain you are 100% symptom-free through the Make Sure Phase before reducing, and Do not stop feeding your immune system moving forward (Health Maintenance), for without support, it will collapse for the same reason it did so initially; Lack of Immune Modulating Components in the food supply. Questions: CALL SUPPORT: 1-888-671-2873.

Important: Reducing Stress daily proportionately reduces the Autoimmune self-attacking-self response (responsible for nearly all symptoms), and Speeds the Healing Process.

Psychological Stress (mental stress) is the single greatest proponent of autoimmune disease. Psychological Stress reduces proper immune response, subsequently triggering the autoimmune self-attacking-self response, causing disease flare-ups, and making existing symptoms much worse.

Psychological Stress can be triggered by a variety of circumstances such as a bad relationship or an unhappy employment, or from events ranging from daily minor annoyances, to a move, a job loss, a difficult child or family member, a break-up, a divorce, or the death of a loved one, to name just a few. These are all forms of Psychological Stress. For the most part, people underestimate the stress produced from minor daily annoyances and life’s unavoidable responsibilities. Some people proclaim themselves to be “stress-free,” but stress does not only come in the Psychological (mental) form that we most often recognize. Stress can also be subconscious in nature. Physiologic Stress, (internal physical disturbances) while primarily induced by Mental Stress, is increased under other circumstances as well such as injury, infection, chronic or acute illness, or surgery. Physiologic Stress interferes with every bodily function, in all the systems of the body, including digestion and immunity.

We refer to Stress as the food supply for autoimmune disease.Let no one tell you that stress does not play a major negative role in the promotion of disease. Any wise general will tell you; if you wish to win a battle quickly and with minimal loss, cut off the supply-lines to the enemy. The Healing Process you are embarking upon may be visualized as “a daily war or contest” between the stress-driven autoimmunity you are producing, and the amount of healing which we may accomplish in any given day on the product.

Therefore, in order to ensure a progressing, compounding, and ultimately, a successful healing in a reasonable time frame, you must learn to tip the daily scales of balance in your favor. By employing the full-breathing techniques outlined below, you will be able to accomplish this.

A Very interesting Fact: Approximately 99 out of every 100 persons we encounter, who suffer from an autoimmune disease, are Shallow Breathers.

Psychological Stress creates disturbances in the nervous system, which induces Shallow Breathing. Shallow Breathing restricts the levels of oxygen entering the blood stream, which negatively affects every physiologic function in the body and promotes the autoimmune self-attacking-self response. Diseases thrive in the body when an acidic, low oxygen environment is present. The body requires good levels of oxygen to heal efficiently. Shallow “stress breathing” on a continual daily basis can slow healing and promote more stress. Full breathing will help you relax and de- stress almost immediately.

The object is to change your habitual respiratory mode of shallow breathing, to full breathing by habit: Place a loose fitting rubber band around your wrist. This will help attract your attention continually, and remind you to breathe fully throughout the day. The rubber band must become a part of your daily possessions, along with your watch, wallet, etc. It must be placed around your wrist every morning or you will not remember to breathe fully. Many sleep with the band to avoid forgetting it in the morning. Remembering is the only difficult part of full breathing, so do not be caught band-less during the healing process. Sticky notes with a “B” on them placed in prominent places around the house, car, and office are effective reminders. Stop reading here and place them in all prominent places, now.

A common question: “How often should I do it? “The object is to change your habitual respiratory mode of shallow breathing, to full breathing by habit, therefore, the Answer becomes a question: “How many minutes of the day would you like to be relaxed, in control, and on an accelerated healing path? The answer is obvious: Always. Do the full breathing as often as possible in order to come as close to always as possible.

How to Breathe Fully: In a relaxed manner, breathe in through your nose with your mouth shut, until your lungs have comfortably expanded. Let the air out through your mouth as quickly as it wants to flow out. Repeat immediately and continue, finding a comfortable level that feels good, and relaxes you naturally. If it feels like work, you are over- doing it. When you find your comfortable level, you will look forward to doing it constantly, due to the way it relieves you.

Remember: You Are in Control: You now have a tool in your pocket that does not cost a nickel, reduces the autoimmune attack, and puts you in control of the length of your individual healing time, to a very significant degree. Prayer and positive affirmations while breathing fully, are all the more effective for stress reduction & accelerated healing.

Positive Thinking: Volumes have been written on the subject. Although we cannot explain it in scientific terms, we see the results pouring in daily. Those who have a positive attitude, heal faster. Those who think negatively heal slower in comparison, and sometimes, not at all. Subsequently, we strongly suggest positive thinking during the healing phase.

*General Eating Recommendations for those suffering with Disease.

While you are healing, avoiding certain foods which may cause, or have shown in the past to cause problems with your digestion, will speed the healing process. Once you have completely healed (do not rush the time frame), you will be able to eat a variety of healthy foods which you enjoy, within reason.

From a scientific perspective: Each type of food material you swallow requires a different level of digestive energy in order to properly break it down and assimilate the nutrient content from within. Some foods are primarily just tougher in density, (for example: nuts and some raw vegetables), making them harder to dissolve. In addition, some food items contain elements which require many more digestive chemical processes to take place, in comparison to others. The more difficult to penetrate and process food molecules, which will often raise a red flag first in the form of symptoms, are: Gluten from wheat, lactose from dairy products, and certain proteins. If you are not certain if you can tolerate any food item, including those mentioned here and below, test yourself in small quantities.
Remember: Diseases thrive in the body when an acidic, low oxygen environment is present. Stress and poor eating habits only add to the proliferation of this environment.

Many people with autoimmune and digestive disease find that symptoms, such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, and gas, improve when they limit or eliminate dairy products. You may not be able to digest the milk sugar (lactose) in dairy foods. Low-lactose cheeses are Swiss and Cheddar. Replace milk with Lactaid (lactose-free) milk. Replace lost calcium from dairy products with a good calcium supplement. Calcium is a critical mineral in the healing process. Once again, If you are not certain if you can tolerate any food item, including those mentioned here and below, test yourself in small quantities.

Avoid or limit alcohol while attempting to heal. Alcohol is a solvent of mucosa (alcohol dissolves mucosa). Mucosa is the protective barrier lining the entire digestive tract. Mucosa is supported by proper immune function. With autoimmune conditions, this protective barrier or layer is often thin, challenged, or missing altogether. Alcohol can continually weaken and wash away this protective layer as it attempts to rebuild and adhere to the tract walls. Alcohol also stimulates your intestines and can make diarrhea and inflammation worse. Hard liquor has empty calories and no nutritionally redeeming qualities. Alcohol increases the risks of many degenerative diseases. The body’s natural processes to detoxify itself from the alcohol are an energy and nutritional drain on the body as well. If you are addicted to alcohol, try to consume as little as possible. The General Rule concerning alcohol is: The less the better.

Avoid spicy foods, greasy & fried foods, fast foods, heavy preservatives, & unhealthy foods in general. These items can promote and increase irritation, inflammation and an entire host of symptoms. They can unnecessarily extend the healing time period.

Avoid or limit coffee and eliminate soda altogether. Beverages that contain caffeine stimulate your intestines and can make diarrhea worse, while carbonated drinks frequently produce gas and are highly acidic. They often contain phosphoric acid, carbonic acid, sugar or artificial sweeteners, caffeine, artificial colors, brominated oil, and other chemical additives. The high acidity and sugar content causes the parathyroid glands to secrete elevated levels of parathormone. Sodas have a negative nutritive value and slow the healing process.

Avoid any Foods that seem to make your symptoms worse. These may include gas producing foods such as beans, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, raw fruits, deserts, candy, and chocolate. Test yourself in small quantities.

Experiment with Fiber. For most people, high-fiber foods, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, are the foundation of a healthy diet. But if you have Overall Digestive Dysfunction such as IBD or IBS, fiber may make diarrhea, pain, and gas… worse. If raw fruits and vegetables bother you, try steaming, baking, or stewing them. You may also find that you can tolerate some fruits and vegetables, but not others. In general, you may have more problems with foods in the cabbage family, such as broccoli and cauliflower (gas producing), and with hard and crunchy foods such as nuts, raw apples and carrots. These items for instance, could be replaced with smooth peanut butter, apple sauce, and steamed carrots. Test yourself in small quantities.

Multi-Vitamins and Supplements: Because digestive diseases and Overall Digestive Dysfunction interferes with your ability to absorb nutrients, and because your diet may be limited, vitamin and mineral supplements can play a key role in supplying missing nutrients. They don’t provide essential protein and calories, however, and should not be a substitute for meals. A good liquid multi- vitamin, morning and evening is recommended. Although you do not need to: Any supplement which you feel has been benefiting you, you may continue to take. As your assimilation increases, these supplements and the nutrients from your food will increasingly enter the blood stream. This product has no contraindications or reactions with any supplement, food, or medication.

Probiotics and digestive enzymes: These items are cosmetic and superficial in nature. Not unlike other supplements and medications, they will not address the root cause. Without proper immune support, these items will perish within 24 hours of ingestion. When immune support is restored, they are found naturally in the tract, without supplementation. If you have purchased these items, use them up if you like. They will not hurt you and they may even lend some slight temporary relief.


  • Test: Gluten, Lactose, Proteins, Fiber, and Gas Producing Foods.
  • Limit: Coffee.
  • Avoid: Alcohol, Spicy, Greasy, Fried Foods, Fast Foods, Preservatives, and Unhealthy Foods in general.

Note: If you suffer from diverticulosis or diverticulitis, in particular, you will want to avoid seeds, nuts, dried fruits, raisins, berries, whole grains, corn, and popcorn.

Detoxification: The Elimination of Toxins and Negative Bacteria

Many Individuals suffering from autoimmune conditions possess various levels of cellular toxins and negative bacterial infestations. Dislodging toxins from the cells, and killing the infestations is known as “detoxification” or “die-off.” This elimination of harmful elements is necessary, and the first step to recovery, but it can and should be done at a rate where the individual does not feel it happening.

When negative bacterial die, they release their toxins into the bodily system. When too many toxins are released into the system at once, ”symptoms of detoxification” may occur.

Why? When too many toxins are dislodged abruptly, the body cannot process their elimination without some degree of disturbance. Too many toxins floating about the bloodstream may cause some degree of headache or nausea (for example), before the body can eliminate these unwanted substances.

The standard step-up directions for this product are sufficient for most individuals (19 out of 20) to accomplish detoxification at a rate where die-off will not be noticeable. Individuals possessing a higher level of infestation of negative bacteria or cellular toxins may require a dosage adjustment involving a slower dosage step up rate.

A quick call to customer service upon the first sign of detoxification will solve the problem. Dosages will be adjusted down to a level where the negative bacteria die and toxins are dislodged at a rate unnoticeable to the person. Healing from disease is impossible without first killing and removing these agents of disease, but there is no need to feel this process taking place.

Upon the first sign of detoxification, Call us immediately to receive a, customized dosage schedule to accomplish detoxification without discomfort, and promote the healing recovery: 1-888-671-2873

Cellular toxins and negative bacteria must be eliminated

Our environment and, in most cases, our food sources are polluted with toxins and harmful substances. Negative Bacterial agents within the body also secrete an ongoing supply of toxins. A toxin is defined as any compound that has a detrimental effect on cell function or structure. Levels of toxicity vary greatly among individuals, depending on age, numerous geographical and lifestyle factors. Long term exposure to toxins can result in metabolic and genetic alterations that can affect cell growth, behavior, and immune response. This is because the molecular structures of toxins are carcinogenic as they interact with human DNA. Example: The World Health Organization has implicated environmental toxic chemicals in over 60 to 80 per cent of all cancer cases.


Don’t Cheat Yourself Out of a Healing

Below is the approximate healing curve of a customer (Jerry) who took longer than average to heal, and had a bit of a rough time along the way. Notice the comments below. We can all learn much from Jerry’s experience. His experience may even save Your life.


Days in the Healing Phase

Legal Disclaimer: This graph represents the approximate healing time frame of one individual. Your experience may vary slightly or greatly from this illustration. We provide facts and information from research and experiences from other customers. We do not provide medical advice. See your licensed health care practitioner for all advice and treatment.

Not unlike most, Jerry began the Healing Phase on day one, feeling terrible. (0 points out of 10)

By Day 15, Jerry was not feeling much better, but figured that he was just getting started.

By Day 36, Jerry still was not feeling much of a change,and was getting a little discouraged. By day 45, Jerry was feeling a significant change for the better and was very excited.

By day 60, Jerry was feeling pretty bad again and was ready to give up. Thank God he did not.

By Day 85, Jerry progressively felt better than he had in 15 years, and by Day 100, he had no more symptoms of disease and was feeling wonderful.

Imagine: If Jerry would have lost faith and quit the healing program on any one of the down turns he experienced. He would have been back in the grips of the disease, and suffering the consequences, potentially for life.

We see cases with time frames which are all over the chart. The moral of the story is: Faith & Patience Pay Off.

Important information for controlling existing diarrhea
to enable and accelerate healing.

If you do not suffer from diarrhea as a symptom of your disease, then ignore this sheet. (DigestaCure will Not cause diarrhea. This information is for people who already have diarrhea)

If you are currently suffering from diarrhea, or perfuse bowel frequency, it is imperative that you understand the following information, for your healing may depend largely on your understanding of this sheet. If you need to re-read this sheet several times, we strongly suggest that you do so. If you have questions, please call.

Important: After reading these diarrhea control instructions, and attempting the process, if you are not succeeding, or making progress by the end of the first week, call customer service for tips and direction. Do not let time go by if you are floundering or unsuccessful.

Section 1: Explanation: Diarrhea is loose, or watery stools. A person with diarrhea typically passes a loose stool more than three times per day. Diarrhea is usually related to a bacterial, viral, or parasitic infection. Chronic diarrhea is usually related to functional and autoimmune disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease.

(For our purposes here, we do not worry about the cause of the diarrhea or condition. Our focus is the elimination of the former, and subsequently and eventually, the latter.)

Diarrhea may be accompanied by cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, or an urgent need to use the bathroom. Depending on the cause, a person may have a fever, or bloody stools.

Diarrhea and chronic diarrhea can be one of the greatest enemies of the healing process. During a bout of diarrhea, due to the rapid flow rate within the digestive tract, nutrient absorption and nutrient assimilation capabilities are greatly reduced making recovery from an existing condition difficult if not impossible. Even if the stool is somewhat formed, urgency and frequency of movements (more than 3 per day) can also make recovery difficult, and subsequently must be addressed and conquered. The body cannot heal without the assimilation of nutritional components designed to orchestrate the healing process.

When Diarrhea or Frequency is present, in order for healing and recovery to commence and accelerate, the rate of flow within the digestive tract must be slowed to a goal point of no more than 3 bowel movements per day.

*** Depending on the current severity of diarrhea, this goal point may take several days or even a few weeks to accomplish, (the average is 2 weeks) yet this goal must be accomplished, for the alternative is to permanently remain in the grips of the disease.

Note: Do not attempt to slow the rate of digestive flow unless you are simultaneously taking The Product. Attempting to heal by simply slowing the rate of flow without receiving the specific components for healing found within the product is a useless, long, and potentially painful proposition, and not recommended.

Due to the attempt to break the body’s habitual cycle or “mode” of Diarrhea, one may feel a little “crampy” or bloated for a short period of time before one progressively feels better. Fortunately, this does not hold true for all individuals. Never the less, feeling a little worse for a short period of time if needed (usually a day or two) is a proverbial “drop in the bucket” in comparison to remaining in the grips of disease, and thus suffering a lifetime of pain. ALL who have accomplished the healing seem to agree.

The tool for initially slowing the digestive flow rate: Over-the-counter Imodium AD Caplets (Loperamide Hydrochloride Anti-Diarrheal) is the best choice and preferred tool for beating diarrhea, thus speeding the healing process. Now, everyone is in agreement that long term use of Imodium is not the best thing for the body. Fortunately, if used with precision and diligence initially, long-term heavy use is not necessary. Generally speaking, when used intelligently, Imodium will cause no more harm to the body then common over-the-counter pain killers.

The Imodium is to be used as a short term tool or “crutch” to accomplish the goal, thus speeding the healing process. The use of Imodium in cases of chronic diarrhea is the much lesser of two evils. Some would compare using Imodium in these situations “like drinking a soda to kill cancer.” The analogy is dramatic, yet valid.

Note: Along with your food, the majority of this wonderful Product which you have purchased will end up in the toilet, if you do not progressively slow the rate of flow within your digestive tract. As you slow the rate of flow, progressively more and more of the Product will be absorbed, thus the healing will accelerate until eventually the Product, in conjunction with the improved state of the immune system and the body in general, will take over for the Imodium and the Imodium will no longer be needed.

Use the Imodium as directed until no longer needed. Do not proclaim that “the Product did not work for me” if you failed to control the diarrhea with Imodium. The Product works wonderfully when it is consistently absorbed into the bloodstream. If you fail to control your existing diarrhea, The Product will be rushed right through the digestive tract unused in large, along with the bulk of nutrients from your food. The Product works in the body, not in the toilet.

Additionally, some individuals with chronic diarrhea have proclaimed: “I have tried the Imodium and it does not work for me.” Be enlightened: Imodium works. It is an effective tool for slowing the rate of flow within the tract. The higher your initial rate of flow, the less the Imodium will be absorbed and the more will be needed initially, to gradually stem the flow. Imodium, like the Product, works in the body, not in the toilet. Therefore, once again, after reading these diarrhea control instructions, and attempting the process, if you are not succeeding or making progress by the end of the first week, call customer service for tips and direction. Do not let time go by if you are floundering or unsuccessful.

The directions on the Imodium package state: “Take 2 caplets after the first loose bowel movements and one caplet after each subsequent loose bowel movement but no more than 4 caplets a day for no more than 2 days, unless directed by a physician.” Why?

In Large, there is a liability issue, for which the makers of Imodium do not desire responsibility. Not unlike the pharmaceutical companies, they prefer to leave the liability with the doctor: “unless directed by a physician.” The primary liability issue appears to be the possibility of constipation or blockage from misuse, and damage as a result. If used wisely, this will not occur, but the manufacturer cannot count on the consumer to be wise in their personal consumption procedures. The problem is that the doctors will rarely instruct the patient on how to use Imodium for longer periods of time than the box instructions state, to achieve success, for their protocol calls for the administration of prescription drugs in the overwhelming majority of ongoing cases.

Their protocol is not designed to heal, by slowing the rate of flow, to allow a natural product to be absorbed along with cell supporting nutrients from food. Their protocol is not designed to heal, but to mask symptoms. This is one of the main reasons they classify many digestive diseases as “incurable.” Diarrhea or no diarrhea, their procedures make no attempt to heal at the cellular level.

Section 2: Procedure:

Therefore: Individuals whom have been successful in slowing the flow, conquering diarrhea, and Healing, have used the following method.

*Many individuals experiencing 3-5 loose bowel movements per day have had great success following the instructions posted on the Imodium package, with the exception, that they may use it for longer periods of time, as needed.

*Many individuals experiencing in excess of 5 loose bowel movements per day have had great success taking 3 caplets initially after a loose bowel movement, waiting three hours, and then taking 2 or 3 caplets as needed only (depending on the intensity of the ongoing diarrhea), and repeating the procedure for as long as it takes to bring the bowel movements down to no more than 3 formed movements per day. In other words, 2 or 3 Imodium caplets, every three hours, as needed only, as long as it takes to bring the bowel movements down to no more than 3 formed movements per day.

  1. *They do not take Imodium, unless they are taking the product as well. This does not mean that dosages of both must be taken at the exact same time of day, but they certainly may be by coincidence.
  2. *They do Not take Imodium every three hours on a set schedule. They take it as needed ONLY, with dosages no less than 3 hours apart.
  3. *They take either 3, 2, or 1 caplets after a loose bowel movement, depending on the intensity, as needed, and only as needed.
  4. *If they start having no more than 3 formed bowel movements per day, they stop taking Imodium, unless the stool becomes loose again, if so then they repeat the procedure.
  5. *They are in essence, making fine-tuned adjustments to the digestive tract flow rate, with 3, 2, 1, or None, depending on the need at the time, and they become “experts” at reading and tuning the rate of their systems.
  6. *They do not take Imodium dosages unless they are experiencing loose stools, and when they experience a loose stool, they do not hesitate to begin the Imodium cycle and continue it as needed.
  7. *They are aware that timing is the key. They carry the Imodium with them in their pockets, in their purses, and in their cars. They do not allow returning diarrhea to get a grip on the system once again, by delaying a dosage. They do not allow themselves to run out of Imodium. They always stay ahead with an extra pack on hand.
  8. *These individuals end up using Less Imodium in total to accomplish the task, because they are diligent in getting the job done in a timely manner without hesitation or excuses. They do not allow reoccurring diarrhea a chance to re-grip the body and send it spiraling back down to a chronic or semi-chronic state. They address it head-on when it first shows itself, and they do this repeatedly if needed, without delay. These individuals do not quit needlessly until the goal is accomplished. They act responsibly and take the prudent steps to heal in order to put their afflictions behind them. They remain diligent for a short period of time, in order to avoid a lifetime of needless suffering.
  9. “Preemptive Strikes” to gain control of Persistent diarrhea: At times, persistent diarrhea will show a time pattern in the body. For example, some individual’s worst bouts of diarrhea will occur in the morning. In this case, a preemptive strike can be made before retiring to bed, in order to subdue the highly anticipated morning episode.

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*Legal Disclaimer: The preceding information has been compiled from countless individuals who have suffered and recovered from disease. It is for informational purposes only. We do not give medical advice. See your licensed health care practitioner for advice and treatment.

Temporary Natural Remedies for Constipation

Employ both remedies together for chronic constipation.
You may not require the full dosage outlined: Test yourself.
    1. Prune Juice is a natural laxative which can be used both by adults and children alike. Pregnant women often are prescribed prune juice for constipation. A prune is a dried plum. Since it is dried, it does not contain fiber at all, however, it helps in curing constipation. Prunes are rich in fructose and sorbitol, hence, are more effective than the other fruits.Prune juice helps in drawing fluids to the intestines. The fluid makes the stool soft and helps in bowel movement. Not only does prune juice help in curing constipation, but it also helps in lowering cholesterol. A chemical present in prune juice enables flushing out of LDL cholesterol from the body.If you are wondering if it causes an increase in blood sugar levels, the answer to this question is no. Prune juice does not cause an increase in blood sugar levels. The reason behind this is that it contains natural sugars like fructose and sorbitol. As a matter of fact, too much sorbitol can cause diarrhea.

      For constipation: First Choice: (more effective)
      First thing in the morning before you have breakfast, drink 16 ounces of prune juice.
      One half hour later, drink one cup (8 ounces) of apple juice
      Then, one hour later, drink another cup of apple juice
      The combination of both usually makes the bowels move.

      For constipation: Second Choice:
      If you do not like the taste of prune juice, you can mix it with the apple juice.
      First thing in the morning before you have breakfast, drink 16 ounces of a 50/50 mix of the two.
      One-half hour later, repeat; drink 16 ounces of a 50/50 mix of the two juices.
      Then, one hour later, drink another cup (8 ounces) of apple juice

  1. Cold-Milled Golden Ground Flaxseed
    Flaxseed is a “wonder food.” When ground, flaxseed contains a mix of both soluble and insoluble fiber. As ground Flaxseed absorbs water, it forms a gel-like consistency that not only softens stool, but also seems to be soothing to the Intestinal lining. Flaxseed is also an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which have a wide variety of health benefits, Including good anti-inflammatory qualities. To get the maximum benefit of flaxseed for constipation, it is essential that Plenty of water is consumed.For Constipation: Take 2 tablespoons with yogurt or applesauce, at breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner as needed.Common questions:
  1. Can I do just one remedy or the other? Yes, but both together are much more effective.
  2. Which one works better? It depends on the individual, test them for your condition.
  3. Can I mix the ground flaxseed with the prune juice and apple juice? Yes, if you find that you like it that way, just drink it promptly before it thickens.

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Health Restored through the restoration of the Digestive Tract and Immune System

  1. When healthy and functioning properly, the Digestive Tract supplies the estimated thirteen trillion cells of the body with the components they require to perform every physiologic function throughout the body.When the digestive tract diseased or malfunctioning, the entire body suffers the effects of cellular damage
    and subsequently premature aging. Skin and muscle tone diminish, bones and joints weaken, vision deteriorates, the immune system struggles, and disease receives an open door to attack any and all bodily systems.

    *Thus, restoring health to the digestive tract is the first step needed to restore health to the entire body.

  2. The immune system is a complex network of organs containing cells designed to recognize foreign substances within the body and destroy them. The immune system protects us against pathogens or infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. The human immune system is the most complex and widely distributed bodily system.The immune system is responsible for protecting us from disease. It is of such fundamental importance to our health that it will attempt to continue to function even after most other systems have failed, and it will even break down other tissues to maintain its critical functions.

    The digestive Tract feeds and strengthens The Immune System, while The Immune System regulates proper digestive function. These systems are synergistically intertwined, one reliant upon the health of the other, and both must be in perfect balance for optimum heath to be present.

  3. In addition, Cellular Communication is essential for virtually every important function in the body. How does the stomach know when and how much acid and digestive enzymes to produce? How do the killer cells of the immune system recognize your own healthy tissues from foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, or other disease-causing pathogens? How do our killer immune cells recognize a healthy cell from a diseased one such as a cancer cell?One of the main active ingredients in DigestaCure, the long chain polymannan molecule, (one million plus Daltons in length), has been demonstrated scientifically to accomplish all three of these feats, in addition
    to helping produce literally hundreds of other healthy healing functions throughout the body. (see Chapters 7-8, & reference material, pages 175 to 200:

    *The long chain polymannan molecule is so important to the overall health of the human being, that humans have evolved with special receptor sites within the digestive tract, specifically designed to receive this unique molecule, and then pass it into the bloodstream without breakage. This process is known as endocytosis.

    In other words, the body is metaphorically crying out for this natural polymannan molecule, with special receptor sites literally “lying in wait” for its arrival. Thus the design of the human body in itself, is telling us Just how important the ingestion of this unique molecule is, for overall health.

    These molecules are either essential components of, directly or in directly control, regulate, or influence the vital processes of digestion, reproduction, healing, immunity, cellular and tissue repair. They are critical to virtually every cell, tissue, and organ within our body. Very fortunately, they are classified as a natural food substance and produce no negative side effects.