RN for 39 years: To Those Of Whom Health Is A High Priority As Is Mine: One year ago this month, I started on a search for natural products that would help with various health issues. I have always believed that we were created in a perfect world with everything provided for us to heal naturally, without the side effects so many deal with in the drugs offered today…causing even more problems. I found many good products that started me on the road to healing. I was pleased with the fact that I was feeling better. I never considered that I would actually come across a product that would have a trickle down effect that would start to eliminate ailment after ailment as the inflammation in my body was being eliminated…but I did! I read about Digestacure when I googled “degenerative joint disease”. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I was impressed!

I started Digestacure on Oct. 28th. Six days later I noticed when I woke up in the am that I didn’t have the usual morning urgency to get to the bathroom. I also noticed that I felt calm. It was a little difficult to believe that Digestacure was doing this. When I started to take it , my main concern was to heal my body of Wilson’s Syndrome + Degenerative Joint Disease. I really wasn’t expecting more than that. Within a few more weeks , I noticed the long time irritation of swollen eye lids intermittent pain from an old root canal, and involuntary, jerky heads movements that I had…were no more. At the beginning of October- before I ever started Digestacure, and @ the beginning of November, I had experienced “spotting”. I called + talked to a product specialist and told him I knew where this was going and I didn’t want to go there, I want to heal naturally. So he told me to increase to 12 capsules a day for a while. I did that for about 6 weeks and that was the end of that, hasn’t been a concern since! Throughout the cold + flu season I was around many who were sick 2 and 3 times, and also with strep. In November, I had stomach discomfort for a few hours, and in April, I had a 3 day cold that I contribute to loss of sleep for 2 days due to work schedule. By spring, I knew DJD was healed and No stiffness upon getting out of bed in the am. Also, Ive had a prolapsed uterus for 8 yrs…putting off surgery. It was very low throughout the course of taking Digestacure, it has pretty much resolved itself.

When I had first called + talked to a product specialist regarding “Wilson’s Syndrome” he said it could take as long as 9 months to resolve, so I was just waiting till summer to get my blood work done. In April, I was seeing signs that I felt I was already healed of Wilson’s Syndrome. T3 titrated down to nothing. Have been medicine free for over 2 wks now. I have not felt so good since I was young.

Being a nurse for 39 yrs and observing what happens with drugs and side effects…and then recalls, and money hungry lawyers. That way was not for me! This has been a Great and Exciting journey to see each one of these diseases being eliminated. I wrote this to encourage those who are having a difficult time deciding.

Being a nurse, I have a heart for those who suffer, and when Nick asked me to write a letter to encourage those with Wilson’s Syndrome. To help save people’s lives. I was more than happy, but decided to tell All of my story so that you can see just a few of the ways it has been effective in my life. I could be down to the maintenance dose by now of two a day. But, I want to take four a day.

Thank you Nick and Steve for your patience and understanding…and honesty. To Digestacure, for such a great product! And Dr. Ronald Drucker for such an informative book! Happy Healing!

P.S. Its great not depending on Any medicine!