My name is Deanna Osborn.. I am a 38 year old Mother of six. I am also mostly blind. I was blinded by a condition that left scar tissue on my eyes and throughout my entire digestive system. I have not been able to see since the age of five. Three years ago I reinjured my eye, completely blinding myself. My eye Doctor said that I would be lucky if I got any vision back at all. Since then I have done a lot of research on ways to heal myself from within. You know, the power of prayer, meditation, positive intentions and cleaning up the way I fed my body. I’ve been a lot more aware of the food or supplements I put into my body. I was introduced to Digesticure by a friend of mine who was dying of Crohn’s Disease. She experienced amazing results within a couple of days. So i called and talked to you and decided to give it a shot. I love the fact that the pills are not only all natural but that my body’s cells were actually built to receive the Aloe. You made no promises and suggested that I give it a try. I was very interested to see what it would do for my eyes. After all, I thought, if it helps my body to run better and acts as a lubricant, what could it hurt.
I began taking the pills and saw an incredible change in my eye sight within 24 hours. The cloudy spot in the center of my eye that I hadn’t been able to see through in YEARS was GONE. Not faded or thinner, it’s gone. I am able to see clearer today than I have since I lost my vision. Since that first day, the stuff on the front of my eye, the scar tissue, has continued to flake and slough off. My friends ask me nearly every day, what I am doing differently. It is obvious that I can see better because I am getting around better. They also tell me how clear my eye looks. Instead of being completely cloudy with no real color except some yellowish stained areas my eye is blue, clear and all the yellow is gone. I am seeing the world in a way I haven’t ever done. the sun is brighter, colors are sharper and i am able to see things in much more detail.

When I spoke with Steve, we talked about the fact that I also have Candida, an over abundance of unhealthy yeast. I have had it for years, since I was a child. When I was 17 I nearly died from it. He told me that it would help. Taking Digesticure has enabled my body to start getting rid of the bad yeast. I was suffering with constantly being thirsty, always feeling like I needed to eat and general fatigue. It wasn’t too bad but it was bad enough that I was aware of it. The pills have helped my body to absorb the foods and liquids that I am consuming so that I am getting the nutrients that I need.

I am not overweight at all but I know when I am retaining fluids or storing fat and it is always because of the Candida. Since starting the Digesticure, I have not been retaining fluids and I have lost an inch around my waste. I am so glad I called and talked to Steve. He was so compassionate, so helpful and very interested in getting me feeling better. I am so impressed with the company, the people, and the product. I would recommend this product to anyone. In fact I do, all the time. If it can help me in such a dramatic way, so quickly, I think everyone could benefit from it.

Thanks for everything