My name is Ned McCrink and this is my personal story with using Digestacure. For people not suffering from Ulcerative Colitis, the language may be a little more graphic than they are accustomed to, but for people who have been debilitated by this awful malady, the language will be all too real. In April/May of 2004 I had a lot of business stress and familial stress. One day after going to the toilet I was dismayed to find blood in the toilet bowl – the water was the color of red cool aid. Soon after, I saw A Gastroenterologist and scheduled a full colonoscopy. In the US (but not in many other countries), Doctors most often insist to administer drugs during the colonoscopy to, as they say, “put the patient in the twilight” (means heavily sedated to the point of semi-consciousness). I found a doctor who allowed me to get the colonoscopy without sedation (it really wasn’t that uncomfortable because there are no nerve endings per se inside the colon – not saying the experience was particularly enjoyable – just pointing out that medical philosophy in the US tends to overdrug). So I was wide awake and watched the camera as it went in and saw my colon from one end to the other. It was a dark purple and as I conversed with the doctor during the procedure he said, “that dark purple color indicates that your colon is ulcerated – and all the way through from one end to the other.” This meant that the inside of the colon sort of just oozes blood – and it comes out in the stool – sometimes heavier, sometimes lighter.I asked about the causes, “unknown” said the doctor, “could be related to stress, could be genetic”. I told him it ran in the family and that my Grandmother, Father and younger Brother all had had UC and all had had their colons surgically removed. Innately, I was reticent to believe that it was< genetic. While it might explain things, this explanation did nothing to put me at cause over it and it and give me any hope – if the disease was somehow engineered into the DNA code, then you are pretty much doomed to your genetic fate. What point is it to buy into that defeatist line of thought? Even if there is a degree of truth in it, I wanted something I could DO about it.

Over the next few months, through diet, nutrition and holistic handlings – no MD handlings with drugs – I was able to get the UC into remission and only sporadically over the next few years was there a light recurrence. However, my stools were always thin, like a pencil, or broken up into small, “shavings”. The colon gets very inflamed and swollen with UC – not enlarged and fatter, instead it swells shut and smaller – and this explained the small diameter stools. So I still had “colitis” (inflammation of the colon) during all these years, but not “ulcerative colitis” (inflammation plus internal bleeding).Had a relapse in October 2007 and had to cut short a trip to the Caribbean. Saw a Doctor in Curacao who prescribed me Asacol and who made me promise to get another Colonoscopy upon my return to the US. I got a second colonoscopy in January 2008 (again without any sedative administered) and was discouraged that, once again, my colon was ulcerated one end to the other. This time, when the scope was all the way in and at the beginning of the large intestine, the Doctor went a few inches into the ileum (the end of the small intestine). He was checking to see if I was also affected by Crone’s disease – which attacks the small intestine. Luckily for me, there was no evidence of Crones. But believe me, the UC was bad enough.

The exact location of toilets, how long it will take you to reach them, and immediate alternatives if a bathroom is occupied – these factors can instantly become “Code Red” issues when you have UC. And the penalty for not paying strict adherence and having a handle on these factors is simply crapping in your pants. Been there, done that, several times more than I would ever care to socially admit. My wife joked about it one time and said, “Why don’t you buy some ‘Depends’?” (diapers for incontinence). I told her I didn’t appreciate the joke. She told me she wasn’t joking. That made it worse. You can get pretty desperate.

Again, I got a handle on the condition and the “ulcerative” aspect went into remission. But the evidence of the colitis never went away: thin, pencil-like stools that always left me feeling like the bowel movement was incomplete. But hey, compared to bloody and urgent diarrhea, it was the lesser of two evils.

August 2009. An old friend visited me in California. I had the absolute worst case of noxious smelling gas than could be imagined. My friend and I were playing golf down in Mexico and he used the bathroom after me once. “Jeeze!” he declared as he ran out of the bathroom frantically trying to clear the air out by waving a towel. For me somehow – and I do not yet have an answer for this – awful smelling gas was a precursor to a full outbreak of UC (if anybody can shed some light on this, please do let me know!). By October the UC had come back with a vengeance. And in about 6 weeks, by the end of November, I had lost 30 plus pounds, had terrible and bloody diarrhea and had to cut short a trip to Florida.

I saw my physician on November 30th, 2009 and he ran all sorts of blood tests: Inflammation tests showed me to be a borderline hospital case and my Doctor told me this. He put me prednisone, Asacol, an herbal formula to calm the stomach, and heavy dose of Cipro – a strong antibiotic. And to complicate matters, I had also developed a hyper-thyroid condition and was on two medications for that. Altogether I was on five different medications at one time. Never before had I ever been in such a condition. White blood cell count was sky-high as well as two other blood tests which showed super-high levels of inflammation and/or infection. I was weak, didn’t want to do anything except stare at a TV all day, didn’t want to see anyone, etc.

My wife was also administering Scientology assists to me – simple techniques designed to re-establish communication with the injured and ill body parts – in this case my colon. These were undoubtedly contributory to my improvement.

On December 7, 2009. I was searching on the net and found the Digestacure site. Reading all the success stories about digestive disorders and autoimmune disorders – and that the product broadly addressed any and all auto-immune situations – it rung true for me. And the “call anytime” customer service bred confidence with me. As I was going to the Doctor 3 times a week and spending about $300 per visit (blood tests, vitamin drips and doctor’s fees), the $160 per bottle seemed like the deal of the century.

Started taking the product on December 9th (I loved the fact that shipping was included in the price and it got to me very fast. This policy, again reconfirms the integrity and mission of Digestacure’s sincere care and desire to help and alleviate pain and suffering). The next few days were miserable. Nick (customer service who is a former sufferer of UC, who handled his UC with the product – and had been entirely free of the condition for some 10 or more years), is my Customer Service Rep. He was right there “in the trenches” with me when I needed somebody to talk to – and he was a real, genuine help to me, giving encouragement and showing me facts of the side-effects of various drugs the doctor had me on.

Fast forward to December 28th: 19 days after starting the product, I visited my Doctors again. Both (an MD and a Naturopath), were exceedingly pleased and surprised with my rate of progress. Hyperthyroid – having been off medication for it for two whole weeks – was totally normal, mid-range and ideal. C-reactive protein (a test which measures inflammation and/or infection) dropped from 86 on November 30th to 6.8 on December 28th. This was a remarkable decline. Albumin – which measures liver function went from quite low to close to normal range in one week (from December 21st to December 28th).

Since about December 24th – absolutely no diarrhea, absolutely no visible blood in stools or toilet. I feel alive, I feel vibrant. I celebrated the New Year and look forward to it with goals and ambitions. Oh yeah, after losing 32 pounds in about 6 weeks, I’ve stopped losing weight and have put back on about 5 pounds. I’m regaining my strength and played golf twice in the last 3 days.

Mentally, physically and spiritually I feel I’m totally out of the woods and on the fast track to full and complete recovery. Of course I want to believe that. But from about 5 out of 6 tests, I have every reason to believe that my UC is very soon to be history. Yes, the MDs all say you don’t get rid of it for good, but it just goes into remission. But I believe there are tremendous holes in the medical profession’s knowledge and understanding. A even more basic and fundamental, I believe there are cross-purposes to health that have been contaminated by money-motivation in the medical profession. And if this is indeed the case, this is nothing short of criminal. Really, to profit monetarily from people’s suffering – when there is better technology and methods to handle disease; or to suppress such knowledge to “protect one’s market share”, quickly crosses over into outright criminality.

And I believe that genuine breakthroughs can and do occur. And I believe that Digestacure is a , “one-out-of-a-thousand” type of product which is a tremendous gift to mankind.

And I thank with all my heart the individuals who pursued the R&D on this product and who had the courage and fortitude to bring it to market. And I also thank them for their courage to stand up to the brick-wall and often suppressive resistance of the Medical Profession and to persist in spite of such a hostile environment. It is easy to see in the text on the Digestacure web site that Digestacure’s Management is very savvy about the medically hostile environment that they are selling this tremendous product into. They know where the legal lines are and how to effectively combat the suppression while dealing in truth. To persist and do tremendous good in the face of legally vicious circumstances is admirable in the extreme.

Try it for yourself and see if you join the ranks of the growing number of success cases that are nothing short of miraculous!I attest that this is true.