My symptoms prior to taking DigestaCure:  loss of muscle tone,  nausea, rectal bleeding, hemorrhoids, Insomnia, joint pain,  confusion, depression,  diarrhea , digestive problems,  fatigue,  excess gas,  hair loss,  abdominal cramping,  abdominal pain,  abdominal swelling,  acid reflux,  bacterial infection,  burning pain
List any other diseases:  weight lose of 25 pounds, memory loss with the stroke back in June 2008
Today’s Date: 12/23/2011
I have been taking Digestaqure for: months weeks 53 days
I am currently taking 8 a day
My symptoms that have gone away are:  No hemorrhoids, bleeding, pain in abdominal area, no more hair loss(even color blond/brown coming back), no insomnia, no more fatigue, gaining weight, no more confusion(loss of memory)
My symptoms that have improved are:  less gas- economics to get what foods that don’t cause gas is hard.
At this time, I would estimate that my symptoms have improved:  80 %