Hi, my name is Ron Mahaffey and I had Ulcerative Colitis. Notice I said “had.” Last June 1st of 09 I was in a desperate condition. My Colitis was causeing me to bleed so much I was begining to feel the effect of blood loss. I had no insurance and I’ve been unemployed for over a year. I knew my condition wasn’t going to improve so I could go to work and the only solution, at that time, was the doctors suggestion that I have surgery done which would leave me carrying a urine bag with me where ever I went. I was desperate for another solution to this problem so I got on google and entered colitis. It came up with all kinds of suggestions so as I scanned over them I came across “Digestacure.” To tell you the truth, I’m a huge skeptic! But like I said, I was desperate, so I called and ordered their product, received it in the mail in just a day or two along with instructions on how to take the product and what my diet needed to be in order to recover from this disease. I spoke with one of their reps on the phone with questions I had, there courtesy and information was an encouragement to me and helped allot in eliminating my skepticism. Up to this point I had been paying $235.00 a month, for my the doctors solution to colitis called ASACOL, which did nothing for me except drain my wallet with no hope of recovery. This had been going on for nearly 4 years. I started on there diet and taking the product as they had suggested and within two weeks I was back to having my waste in a solid form and the bleeding was almost gone. I started out taking two pills every 4 hours around the clock. After 6 weeks the colitis was gone and I was in such good condition that I was starting to forget about the time schedule for taking my Digestacure. Its now October 09 and I’ve been Colitis free for over a month and a half and I’m only taking 2 Digestacure every 12 hours and eating a normal diet again but still being cautious of my diet. I no longer feel afraid to travel or go long distances from the house for fear of needing a bathroom. There has been no side effects at all and I’m so greatful for the freedom Digestacure has given back to me. If there is anything that I feel that needs to be emphasized its this; Follow the plan exactly as instructed! If you do this, You will get rid of this terrible disease. I’ve been where you are and this product DOES WORK. You can call me if it will help you. I’m 62 years old and colitis free.

Thanks to Digestacure.

Notes from Customer Service: 1. Mr. Mahaffey has been gracious in offering to speak with anyone who would like to contact him, and has given us permission to pass his phone number along to you. If you would like to speak with him, call customer service and we will provide his number. Please be certain to respect his time, privacy, and contribution. 2. Mr. Mahaffey is among those who have reported recovering very quickly. The reader should understand that healing time frames may vary greatly among individuals and that patience has been shown to be Key to recovery.