I was diagnosed in October 2010 with Ulcerative Colitis. I had all of the very unpleasant symptoms and the Doctor prescribed Mesalimine and Canasa, both medicines came with 3 pages of legal disclaimers and possible side effects. I was actually experiencing some of the side effects and this condition was turning into a bit of a nightmare, Particularly the absolute fatigue and loss of energy.

I started doing a lot of research on the internet and very luckily stumbled across the Digestaqure website. (January 2011) I decided to buy the product. It came very promptly and I started using it immediately. I read and followed all of the incredibly concise and easy to follow instructions. I made the decision to stop using the Medication prescribed by my Doctor.

Within Ten Days of using Digestaqure all of my symptoms disappeared and my energy returned. I felt like I was healed in ten days and then decided to return to a lifestyle that includes drinking alcohol and eating whatever I like. I continued taking Digestaqure as recommended but after a week of ignoring most of the other instructions my symptoms returned. So at this point I decided I would follow the instructions and stop drinking and start eating foods that allow for maximum healing. I followed all of the instructions and my symptoms once again disappeared entirely. I had no symptoms whatsoever for 5 weeks and then two days of extremely mild symptoms, which have since gone away. If you read the instructions it will tell you that it takes between 60 and 120 days to heal and suggest that you give it a sufficient amount of time to actually recover from a condition that Doctors say is incurable. I am absolutely blown away by the results that I have achieved in such a short period of time and by the incredible thoroughness of the organization behind Digestaqure.

I consider this to be a miracle in my life, but I do recommend that a person take advantage of the whole program and follow their instructions.

I can’t thank this company enough