I was diagnosed with UC in June 2013. The Dr. told me I had a mild case of the disease and would have to take Lyalda to maintain the pain and to slow down the bleeding. But he never mentioned anything about curing the disease even after he told me my immune system was low. I broke down crying after hearing the high financial cost and the thought of having to deal with this the rest of my life without a cure.

With curiosity, I looked up UC to read more about the disease to get a better understanding of what I was dealing with. But instead, I started taking the medication the Dr. had prescribed me for about 2 months with hopelessness and a sense of doubt. Until finally, I remembered 2 months prior taking the Dr.’s meds, I read about Digesticure and getting to the root cause of my immune system, not just to maintain it. So, I ordered them and took them as instructed. For this is just for a season, through God all things are possible. I noticed in a weeks time the dark circles around my eyes were gone. Two weeks after, I went from taking 2 pills a day as prescribed from my Dr. to 1 per day. Then 1 every other day and so on until I stopped taking them by the end of the month. After 2 months of taking the pills, I noticed the pigment of my skin throughout my body went from being white toned to the natural brown skin color I grew up with all my life (there was life back in my body). Along with the complexion of my face being clear from dark spots and blemishes. Because my immune system is being balanced out, I have noticed I no longer gain weight as I did before (1 to 2 lbs. per week). It’s been 3 months that I’ve been taking the medication (going on my 4th bottle) and have stayed within 2 lbs. of my current weight, even with all the holidays we’ve had.

Thank you, for the hope and long lasting cure I have to look forward too.