My Illness or Diseases: Ulcerative Colitis

My Symptoms prior to taking Digestaqure: intestinal bleeding : Failure of adequate duel Primary System reciprocal support. Poor assimilation and autoimmune response.

diarrhea : Failure of adequate duel Primary System reciprocal support.

excess gas : Digestive dysfunction allowing undigested gas producing foods to reach the colon.

blood in stools : Digestive dysfunction lacking immune support and suffering autoimmune response.

Other Symptoms or Conditions not listed:

I have been taking Digestaqure for: 4 months, 3 weeks

I am currently taking: 13 Capsules per day

My symptoms that have gone away: Diarrhea, bloody stools, for the most part I don’t have a very strong urge for a BM where I don’t make it to the bathroom in time. The stools now are normal with no blood. I feel great and waiting for my next colonoscopy so the doctor can see that DigestaCure works.

My overall condition has improved: 90 %

My most bothersome Symptoms remaining are: None. Waiting to get off balsalazide totally.