My Illness or Diseases: diagnosed as ulcerative colitis
’75 quit smoking cigs, while living in costa rican forest got 4 or more intestinal parasites and other parasites. returned to U S with frequent urgent bowel movements, mucous, blood. got worse, more intense after diagnosis by board certified gastroenterologist and taking of SULFASALIZNE.
My Symptoms prior to taking Digestaqure: abdominal cramping, agitation, allergies, blood in stools, diarrhea, digestive problems, drowsiness, fatigue, hemorrhoids, immune problems, intestinal bleeding, joint inflammation, joint pain, rectal bleeding
Other Symptoms or Conditions not listed: urgent bowel movements, anxiety
I have been taking Digestaqure for: 1 Month
I am currently taking: 16 a day
My symptoms that have gone away: ALL All symptoms have receded, gradually. Definitely lessened, as the days went by, to the point that I haven’t felt this healthy since 1975.
My Symptoms that improved are: A L L
Plus I think taking sulfazine for so long, my feet over the past 3 yrs got numb. Now since I stopped taking sulfazine on DAY 3, I have gotten most feeling back.
My overall condition has improved: 100%
My most bothersome Symptoms remaining are: n o n e