My symptoms prior to taking Digestacure:  rectal bleeding , yeast infections,  hemorrhoids,  high blood pressure, immune problems, indigestion, Insomnia, intestinal bleeding,  Irritability, constipation,  diarrhea,  digestive problems,  fatigue, excess gas,  headache,  abdominal cramping,  abnormal tissue formation,  abscess,  acid reflux,  allergies,  anemia,  Poor assimilation, blood in stools,  backache, I have been taking Digestaqure for:  84 days My symptoms that have gone away are: All my symptoms are gone. I keep looking over this list. And I can’t believe that these symptoms that have been a major part of my health for the past few years, are gone. I used to sweat at night, I didn’t realize it was a symptom, but I guess it was because, I don’t sweat at night anymore. My symptoms that have improved are:

I am really amazed with this product. I’ve noticed other improvements in my skin and hair. At this time, I would estimate that my symptoms have improved: 100 %