Hi, thanks for chekking in. I would gues about 80 + % symtom free. I am a very nervous type person and unfortunately i have way too much going on in my life between, mother going into nursing home, sister who has serosis and not doing well at all & a husband who is recovering from heart surgery. I know when i get wound up it effects me.That said, i still feel so glad to be where i am @. I remeber oh too well what i was going through. Now at about the same time every morning my stomach wakes me up. I usualy go to the bathroom pretty normally then, then about 1/2 hour later i am in there again, usually once, sometimes twice. The second/third time is not normal. Then i al all set for the day until the next morning. I know that if i were to do better with my diet that would help.( I AM TRYING) I usually have diet soda in the morning( I KNOW THATS A NO NO ). I  feel greatful to be where i am at. Your product has saved me from having to go on dissability which financially could not be an option for me. I have to work. So things are good.. just want to also let you know that i am happy to help if there is anyone needing some encouragement.