I’ve had Ulcerative Colitis for about 10 years and have tried everything my doctor has prescribed (Asocol, Predisone, Lyalda, etc). My UC would come and go about 3 times a year (and last at least 2 months each time) and I would stay on the above medication whether I was having symptoms or not. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like any of these medications led to a shorter or less severe outbreak. Frustrated, I did some of my own research and came across Digestacure. I ordered the product, followed the directions exactly, and again ended my outbreak. But this time, I have not had another outbreak since I’ve been on Digestacure. It has been at least nine months since I’ve been on the product and I still have not had additional outbreaks. At this point, I am very hopeful that this product has eliminated future outbreaks and I look forward to giving more updates soon (1 year free, 2 years free, etc).