dear sir,

my name is verna stiff. i’m, a digestacure user/customer for over a year now. before i started using digestacure, my digestive system was in a hopeless state. i was in a lot of pain, had lost a lot of weight because i was unable to digest food and nutrients. was diagnosed with systemic lupus and was put on plaquenil. presently on meds for high blood pressure also had mastectomy done due to breast cancer and placed on tamoxifin. there were many other symptoms too numerous to name . after starting the digestacure, i noticed immediate difference in the way that i felt. symptoms began to dissipate.pain began to leave. today the quality of my life has drastically improved. i’ll turn 64 in 2 months and i feel healthier and younger and more alive than i have in years. i,ve recommended this product to all of my family, friends and aquaintances i gave some a couple of mine to try. they were satisfied with the result and wanted to order for themselves with one problem. they couldn,t afford it. most are on fixed incomes. that,s also my perdicament. i’m a widow since 2007 with a small income.

I tried to help other family members by shareing what i had but could barely afford it for myself. the reason for sending this e-mail was to see if there were any programs that would help. is there a way that i can do multiple payments as apossed to one single lumpsum payment, which would make it easier for me to afford to stay on the digesticure and to maybe help other members of my family and others who need it and can’t afford it.

I tell everyone i know about this product. most people are dealing with something that doctors don’t have answers for and need something that will give them hope. I know because i was in the same situation. Digestacure has been a God sent to me. please let me know if there is any way that you can help me and maybe so many others. thank you for your help.