In May of 2012, a friend referred me to digestacure. I began taking digestacure on May 18, 2012. I have Stage IV kidney disease and my kidney function was getting worse. I had severe pain in my hands knees and elbows. Within one week, my knees no longer hurt and a month latter my kidney function improved. By this time my elbows were feeling better and I had a huge improvement in energy. My husband had been diagnosed with cancer in March of last year and with taking care of him, getting him to his treatments and still working, I began to take less care of myself. I was sleeping very little during this time trying to get everything done that needed to be done. I stopped too soon doing the healing process and began the maintenance dosage. By July, my kidney function had regressed dramatically. The Dr. did a kidney biopsy and we talked about dyalsis. That was a wakeup call for me so I began taking 12 pills a day. My husband passed away in September. By October, my kidney function had improved and I definately am on a path to better health. All the pain issues I had are gone. I manage 2 apartment complexes and have a landscape maintenance business as well. I do all the maintenance work and have so much more energy. I’m 58. My daughter just started taking digestacure as she has symptoms of fibromyalgia. What an incredible product! And I love what it’s done for my friend Merle!