I don’t remember how I found the site to get started on the Digestacure but I was looking for something that my body needed because I was so sick of being sick, and tired, and I found it when I found Digestacure and the Code Of Life book and read it in it’s entirety, more than once. I had gotten a staph infection in 1976 that grew and grew until I became septic; which over time had shut down my immune system. From 1989 til 2013 I had pneumonia every year in Feb. just like clock work. I was allergic to everything. Then I learned that I had Sjogrens. The immunologist didn’t tell me what it was, only that there was no known cure for it. I did research and learned that the body was lacking the immunoglobulin IGa which caused dryness to the eyes, nose, throat and mouth. When I went the eye doctor he asked what medications I was taking. I told him that I was taking none. He asked about the Sjogrens because that was what was making me have problems with my contact lens. It was from him that I learned that the dryness of Sjogrens also involved the joints and the lungs as well as other parts of the body. And I was in such joint pain all over the body the it was almost impossible to be mobile, much less sleep well. Now I knew why. And I realized that the dryness in my lungs may be the cause of the pneumonia every year. So, I went in search again and that’s when I happened across this site and found the Digestacure. After having read the book I began to believe that this was the answer. In August 2012 I began the program and it is a year later now and I am one of those people that was spoken of in the book as ‘walking away from sickness and disease forever’. I am well now after being in such sickness and stress since 1989. And it was done with a product that is not a drug and has no side effects , no diets to add stress. I was excited to get the first bottle and I want to say that within two weeks I already noticed changes. I knew the digestacure was doing what it was susposed to do and I just followed the instructions religiously and have come to a new place of enjoying wellness at the age of 72. I am so thankful to have found this and want you to know that my family has noticed the change. I heard my daughter tell my son, “you wouldn’t know mama, she is an entirely different person.” And I am a different person. A person who is walking in wellness and will continue to do so because I am going on a maintanance dose and will stay there till one of the counselors changes it. The cost is a factor but I believe health is a greater factor. I can sleep now and remember things, I can get excited about things and get excited with others about what they do just because I am well again. I learned recently that when God created man, He never intended him to be sick or to die, except that the enemy stepped in and changed things but we can, with God’s help, change things back to the way The Father originally created us. When I learned that we were created to never be sick I decided to be well. And Digestacure was there and I took advantage of it and will never regret having done so. Let me say that my husband started taking it too. He was never a sick man but he had a blood pressure flucutuation and he was diagnosed with renal insufficiency which just means your body is septic and your blood is dirty and you have to clean it up. We have both done well and so much appreciate the people who made this product available and take such good care of the people who use it. Unlike a medical pharmacuitical that has ‘side effects’ digestacure has healthy ‘direct effects. And I have experienced the wonderful direct effects of this wonderfully healthy product. My immune system had been paralyzed over the years as a result of the staph infection that just reaked havoc to my whole body system over the years. Thank you for this product again, and again