30 YEARS OF AGONY. . . 3 MONTHS TO HEALING. Yours is truly a miracle product !

Anyone who has suffered from Sjogren’s Syndrome knows how very devastating this condition can be.

I developed this at the age of 50 and am now 80 years old. My eyes became so dry that I constantly had the sensation of sand, acid or even pin pricks in them.

For the first 18 years of this I somehow managed to lead an almost normal life, but had to use eye drops constantly and wore ugly enclosed glases. However, 12 years ago the condition worsened and I became homebound. My days were spent sitting with wet pads over my eyes, and I sometimes resorted to putting plastic wrap over my eyes just to function around the house .

Things changed for me when I discovered Digestacure . Within only five weeks I began to experience occasional moments of comfort . And even before then I noticed that a stubborn nail fungus was cleared up, and knew something positive was happening in my body.

I am now into my third month on the product and with each passing day I can feel the moisture returning. What a relief ! I have no doubt that I time I will heal completely .

I could cry when I think of the millions of people who suffer needlessly, not knowing that this effective and remarkable product is available. (the medical “cure” for this condition is so depressing that I will not even mention it.)

A thousand Thank-you’s to your company, and I will be forever grateful!

P.S The detoxification process was a breeze. All I experienced was a very runny nose.