This is my facebook post for thanksgiving day, 2013.

While I’m giving thanks, let me tell you all about my recent victory over Arthur Bowman, for which the traditional doctors say there is no cure. Complications (contracting pneumonia) from Sarcoidosis treatment (steroids) is what killed the legendary comedian Bernie Mack, so this disease aint no joke!

I’ve had Sarcoidosis for about 1 1/2 years. At the height of it, walking up the 20 stairs steps from my home’s first to second levels would make me have to lie down for several minutes. Suffering from really bad fatigue became a way of life. I felt myself getting weaker every day and i recall thinking, ‘this disease is sucking the life out of me!!!’

Then, i was referred to ‘wellness doctor’/chiropractor Dr. Cory Baltazar by my friend Kelly Ramsey. He turned me on to a medication he claims to be able to cure ANY autoimmune disorder called Digestacure. It’s a concoction based on an extract of aloe vera which one drinks and it corrects and cures your gut, which is supposedly the root cause of all autoimmune diseases.

It took about 6 months of drinking the medication all day, every day; but it WORKED!!! I am no longer chronically fatigued. I am back to exercising and I simply feel great.

I give tremendous thanks to God and his vessels, Dr. Cory Baltazar and the Digestacure people for resolving the first major medical challenge of my life.