Steve, I knew if I called we would be on the phone for hours…..

On May 26, 2010 I was searching the web site for information to help with my PLME (basically allergic to the sun), came across a web site for Carrot Juice and ended up landing on: Your Master Disease is Auto immunity.  On June 4th, 2010 I began my journey and journaling…..

My attitude was not very nice. I have a copy of it in front of me as I type this email to you. Had I known what I know now and how I feel today my attitude would have been more kind.  Okay, terrific.  Yes, I was a skeptic.  I was financially skeptical as well as unhealthy.

When my order didn’t go through I thought it was a sign not to order this product. Then I thought I should call and cancel. However, the sign wasn’t to buy this product but to get you, Steve.  God does work in mysterious ways.  You gave me even more information on all the complications, problems, products people have attempted to try, surgeries that so many had done unnecessarily, and most importantly personal information.

How great it was to talk to a person with a pulse and not hit # 9, or # 4 okay, go back to # 3 etc.  You didn’t have to put yourself on the line, expose your problems, but you did.  Was it for a paycheck.  I don’t think so and if it was don’t ever tell me. I like where I am at today.  It has been 4 years since I have not FEARED going out for an activity let alone one that didn’t have a restroom with in a hop ,skip and jump. I am amazed because my nickname is Take Back Connie.  I think I have floored so many people as well as helped so many people.  Floored because I DIDN”T take back the product and floored because I found out soooooooo many more people have issues with their digestive systems.  All I can say is “I am an example”.  I told my staff, like Steve, the customer service rep and my daughter said “what have you got to lose”!

I didn’t lose, no pun intended, I won.  Do I question myself by saying “when will it come back”, yes.  Has it come back, “no”.  Will it come back…if I don’t take care of myself as with any other ailments.

But Steve, the Digestacure worked in my situation.  I take one daily now.  I feel good and don’t live in fear like I did.  Time, but then time heals all.  Thank you for your support all those times I called.  Thank you for the encouragement and the stories….. I would change the pick up line if I were you if you ever become single again.  Should anyone ever need a testimony.  Please feel free to contact me and I will contact them with my story. Today is August 2, 2010, three days away from my birthday and I feel good.  It can only get better from here. Please pass on a thank you for all the other customer service reps that I may have spoken to in the interim.

Most appreciative