I usually do not send testimonials to a company because I have never had satisfying results from the product, however, that is not the case with Digestacure. I began taking Digestacure on May 17 for Perioral Dermatitis and Eczema on my right leg. Perioral Dermatitis is a bright red bumpy rash that appears below your nose and around your mouth and chin. It can also appear around the outside corners of your eyes. It can burn and sometimes itch. It is very embarrassing since it is on your face and putting makeup on it only aggravates the problem. I went to the dermatologist who gave me a sulfur soap and steroid cream. Later I found out online that steroid creams were the worst thing you could put on the skin because the cream does not heal the perioral dermatitis, it only offers temporary relief. When I stopped using the steroid cream, I had a major flair up of red blistery bumps around my eyes and around my nose and below my nose in the creases and around the corners of my mouth. Back to the dermatologist I went, and her next suggestion was to take a low dose of antibiotic for 3 months. I do not like taking medicines unless they are absolutely necessary. So I began searching online for alternative cures for this condition. I also began going to an acupuncturist, who specialized in skin diseases, to treat the condition. I bought Chinese herbs that he recommended, but while it reduced the redness, it did not make the rash go away. I went to have nutritional analysis done at a natural food store and then I purchased products, but the rash still persisted. I watched the foods I ate, and avoided gluten, soy, dairy and corn products. My life was being consumed by this skin disorder, and no matter what I did, nothing seemed to help. So one evening in May, I went online to search again for natural cures and I came across your website. I read the pages of information, I read the many testimonials and I decided to fill out the survey on my conditions and see what the results would be. A day later, a consultant got back to me. Of course I was very skeptical because I had heard all the hype about other products, and did not get the results I desired. I talked with Steve, for about 45 minutes with my conce3rns and why this product was going to be any different from anything else I have done. Finally I decided I had nothing to lose, since this was a natural product and I knew the benefits of aloe Vera gel and juice. May 17 was when I began taking DigesaCure and followed the instructions very carefully. May 24, was when I began doing 8 capsules a day. It has been 2 months and my face is clear from red bumps. I will continue for one more months at the eight capsules just to make sure that this horrible skin problem does not come back. I am just so grateful I found your website online. So much money and time was spent with this frustrating skin disorder with unhappy results. Finally I found success with a product. Thank you! Thank you! I thank you for such a fabulous product! You don’t know how much better it makes me feel.