Kevin was dx with MS in 2007. He was already advanced by this time. He had been missed dx in his teens and hid his symptoms due to what he had been told all those years before. He was started on DMDs. They tried three different ones. His condition continued to worsen. He nearly died from the last one and I decided to stop them. He ended up with a cath, PEG tube, and trach. Lots to ways for bacteria to enter his already immune compromised body. He was given round after round of antibiotics until we had to battle MRSA and C-diff. Both life threatening conditions. He was actually sent home with C-diff (caused mainly from over use of antibiotics) and still on heavy hitting IV antibiotics! The levels of these were off the chart and my common sense told me this was not helping. I hit the internet and started to research natural ways to control his autoimmune disorders, mainly the C-diff at this this time. This not only was life threatening for him, it put all that came in contact with him at risk as well. Digestaqure was the first to come up in my search. As I read all I could about Digestaqure, it made more and more sense to me. If something is broken (the immune system) do you break it more with drugs (the DMDs, antibiotics) or do you fix what’s broken? Although Kevin still has MS, he has his general good health. Hospital visits have been much fewer and the stays much, much less. When he has had to stay, I try to get him home before too much damage is done and Digestaqure is started once again, working him up to his therapeutic dose until any symptoms are gone for while and then working him back down to maintenance. I am lucky since I can actually use lab work to help determine when to make changes. We also use a product call pHenomenal, an alkaline water concentrate, which was started for the MRSA. This product is targeted towards the treatment of MRSA. It also works at the root cause of the problem, not feeding the bacteria with antibiotics. I sincerely believe that these products have saved Kevin’s life. !

His expiration date was 2011. When I was dx with osteoporosis recently I researched my options and did a search for natural cures. Guess who popped up first? Guess what I have chosen to use?