My Symptoms prior to taking Digestaqure: abdominal tenderness , bloating , blood in stools, constipation , depression , digestive problems , fatigue , excess gas , hair loss, hemorrhoids, immune problems, indigestion, Infections, inflammation (general), insomnia , intestinal bleeding , Irritability , joint inflammation , joint pain, loss of muscle tone , nasal inflammation , rectal bleeding , skin disorders

I have been taking Digestaqure for: 4 Months

I am currently taking: 12 a day

My symptoms that have gone away: abdominal tenderness, bloating, blood in stools, constipation, digestive problems, excess gas, hemorrhoids, intestinal bleeding, indigestion, Infections, rectal bleeding,

My Symptoms that improved are: inflammation (general), Irritability, joint inflammation, joint pain, loss of muscle tone, nasal inflammation, skin disorders

My overall condition has improved: 80%

My most bothersome Symptoms remaining are: The Skin eruptions are still the most bothersome, though they are improving. I also take first thing in the morning a teaspoon of ”FoodGrade Diatomaceous Earth” and Inulin and BioIdentical Testoserone Compund from the Compounding Pharmacy. I am also able to eat many things that before would cause discomfort now it passes thru easily and consistently. Things are improving immensely.

How long should I remain on 12 per day? I was thinking this next bottle and then maybe going back down to 8 per day. What ever you suggest I will take to heart. I would rather overkill than under … All in all I am extremely Happy with this product. Thank You, RA