Dear Dr. Ronald P. Drucker,

Both my son and I have been taking DigestaCure Autoimmune-X and have found our health has been restored, what a blessing!

One advantage of age is that you can realize health problems that surfaced years before they were diagnosed. An inherited weakness in processing fats (family history of gall bladder removals) started before 10 years of age. Car sickness with vomiting many times grew less as I grew older, but still occurred until my gall bladder was removed, not working at 33 years. Later a Laparoscopy showed too small an opening from stomach to intestine which resulted in silent reflux for years into Barrett’s Esophagus. Diverticulitis was discovered in my late 60’s, after a transfer of two different strains of streptococcus crossed over to form a liver abscess after a few months of ignoring a mild cough that didn’t go away. (I was taking a granddaughter to kindergarten and helping teach when the strep infections hit the school and everyone was sick, students and faculty). After one month in the hospital and one month on infusions of antibiotics, I obviously had few enzymes working in my intestines to process food. Two years later, my intestine ruptured and I had emergency surgery to save my life. I was septic. I wore a colostomy for 3 months, and repair surgery plus 3 hernia repairs in the next few years, the last one in 2008. I exercise with gardening on several acres of land so walk a great deal. I take many supplements and eat healthy, very little sugar, no sweet drinks, but as the years passed, I didn’t feel as energetic as I felt I should.

I retired at 79 from taking my grandchildren to and from the school bus, when they were old enough to drive themselves. I was scheduled for a colonoscopy, but was so dehydrated when I went in, my heart A-fibbed and it resulted in having paddles used 3-4 times to get the heart beating in sinus rhythm It was found that I had a toxic condition of my TSH reading -28 which means you need to lower thyroid medication.

I had started taking DigestaCure Autoimmune-X 6 months before, and feel it helped pull me through this situation by building on my immune system. I took 8 pills a day and continued to slowly improve. In 2014 I had an MRI with iodine. Too much hinders the thyroid to work normally. An iridologist saw a scar on that section of my eye that was not there before the MRI. The heart doctor had me on small doses of levothyroxine, but after a year I requested to go back on Armour Thyroid that I had taken since I was 20 years old. Two months later, I have a normal thyroid reading. The MRI it showed I had end-plate sclerosis and arthritis of the hip.. A neurologist did a nerve test and I have 5 discs that show no nerve conduction. This has slowed my walking and the calcium deposits make me stiff walking and bending and getting up. I take the DigestaCure Autoimmune-X every day, usually 5-6 pills a day. My immune system has shown great improvement. The heart doctor said whatever you are doing, keep doing, your age is like a 60 year old. My heart suffered no damage and my EKG’s are normal. I am 84. I still garden, paint pictures, create stained glass projects, read a few books every week, sleep great. DigestaCure Autoimmune-X, vitamins and minerals and the Armour Thyroid are all I use.