Hi everyone, 6/03/11 I guess I’ll start at beginning almost 64years ago when I was born. If I was born now I’ld be diagnosed with an Immune Deficiency Disorder because with that is what I’ve dealt all my life. I caught everything that came along and almost died before I was 2yrs old of double-bronical pneumonia. As soon as I was over that, they took my tonsels and adenoids out, which really didn’t help. I was pumped full of the then wonder drug “penicillin” for years and years, which further really made my immune system even worse.(I had all major childhood diseases including “hooping cough” and every flu that came around.

I had “strep throat” every winter along with bronchitis. That pattern came with me into adulthood. After my second child was born, 1970 I had an “IUD” put in (not knowing what I know now) and my body could not handle the silicone which caused such infection that I had to have hysterectomy at age 24. Then a few years later I developed mastitis so bad in both breasts that one lump actually was classified “pre-malignant”. And since my mother had just gone thru ovarian cancer, I had bi-lateral mastectomy and then reconstruction surgery with, you guessed it, breast implants (BAD, BAD, BAD). Things gradually went from bad to worse.

I had the same set for 18yrs, with right one ruptured for 17yrs and the other ruptured last year before explanation. We had no insurance for all that time so I had no way to remove them until lawsuit. I was deathly ill having tested positive to 32 diseases and disorders out of 33. The auto-immune list on this website reads a lot like my medical papers. I’ve said all this to let you know I understand what so many have felt and lived with. Pain and suffering are not new to me. But GOD is bigger than all these problems and HE\”S already provided our healing thru JESUS. I am so thankful I already knew Jesus as my healer as well as my savior or I know I would not be here to type this today. I have stood on HIS WORD for years for complete healing. I’ve had some miraculous healings in certain things thru the years, but knew I\’ld have to use my faith to walk thru to the finish. The Lord has shown me thru the years natural supplements to take to help my body and He told me to educate myself on these types of things. “my people parish for a lack of knowledge”. I took my health and life into my own hands and trusted HIM not relying on drugs, but on natural substances(food in a capsule). I used high doses not what government suggested which is ridiculous if you use the brain God gave you. This got me out of bed and able to lead a fairly normal life most of the time not pain free or fatigue free but so much better.

Thru the years the Lord would show me new products, tried and tested, that I’d add to my regiment which would help. So I was excited to find DIGESTAQURE when I was on internet studying (lupus) which had raised its ugly head really bad in last 1 & 1/2yrs. I began to read and study website including “The Code of Life” and felt that this was the LORD\’s answer for me. PRAISE GOD! So I ordered and began taking it on 5/04/11.

I decided to increase after 8caps and some detoxing to 12caps. After about 4-5 days on this increase I went thru about 3 days of more detoxing. Then I decided to increase again to 14caps and the same thing happened and of course I talked to Steve. Even though detoxing isn’t pleasant, I rejoice because I know its working and I’m on my way to total healing. I have more stamina everyday than I’ve had in many, many years. Candida is dying off(which can make your body hurt also). And I’m now going 4-5 days in between blood pressure med. (I take my BP reading several times daily). So to say I’m pleased with this product is an understatement.