Dear Staff Members, My joint aches began over 8 years ago with shoulder pain, knees, wrist, ankles, neck, back, hips, elbows and I have received injection in just about every parts of my body for to get relief-including even in sides of my feet because of the excruciating pain that went on day and night.

Extreme hair loss, hospitalizations with asthma attacks, heart attacks, high cholesterol, fatty liver, constipation, acid reflux, and reoccurring kidney infections became a normal part of my daily life. I had nothing to look forward to each morning upon awaking except pain and medication that listed numerous side-effects that could possibly lead to internal bleeding and even sudden death from its use. Depression and insomnia was also unavoidable because of my ability to walk, work, keep up my personal hygiene, cook, clean my house and even eat. After years of my physician ordering many test and tracking my symptoms- in September 30, 2010 I was finally diagnosed with a Auto-Immune Disease called (Lupus).

Through research I found that doctors all agreed that there was no known cure for the disease and I was told that if I did not take the prescribed medications… I would surely die within a matter of time.  After some time went by I became more depressed and decided to try the medications that the doctors had prescribed, and I did get some relief but my hair continued to fall onto the bathroom floor daily, as well and came into my hands if I simply ran my hand through it. (This was one of the great side effects of the medications).  I just couldn’t continue to take it and when I stopped I became practically bed ridden after a short period time with constant pain and depression. I actually didn’t want to live in the pain anymore at all. I believed the doctors and I felt all hope was gone.

One morning I woke up crying as usual and once again I prayed for relief and a thought came to my mind to “Google” the question “Is there a cure for Lupus.”

So I did and quickly I saw three formulas that came up but “DigestaCure” was the one that really spoke to my Spirit. Right away I believed that this was the cure for me.

I didn’t have the money but I was determined to get it so I asked friends and relatives to donate for my first large bottle of DigestaCure.  It took one month for me to raise the money, but by November 2011, I received my order and taking DigestaCure and by February, 2011 when I returned to my doctor ALL TRACES IN MY BLOOD WERE GONE- NO MORE LUPUS!! No more pain, no more cholesterol, acid reflux, kidney infections, joint aches, heart problems, fatty liver and what’s really AWESOME THE LENGTH OF MY HAIR IS TREMENDOUS AND I’VE LOST 25 LBS    (that I had been trying to get rid of for 8 years).  Few years believe me or say that they can’t afford the product or just don’t realize the great benefit of taking a natural product like this (they prefer harmful drugs???) I’ve had another blood test in April 2011 and YES, I AM STILL LUPUS FREE!             I look and feel great, ALL the time…my mind gets tired sometimes but never Physically. DigestaCure is remarkable and I can’t stop telling my friends and family about what it has done for me. I will never be the same because of it and I believe with all my heart that God directed me to this product and for that I am too grateful.

Thank you so much