My illness or disease: My son had low thyroid, start taking digestacure in June 2014, repeat blood test in August, thyroid and thyroid is back to normal, tsh was 4.69 and are now 3.30 white blood cells are a still low 3.1, mcv are high 99.7 neutrophils are low. do I continue with the dosage. Thank you so much for making digestacure, it help my son from not being on thyroid medicine for life. Its a blessing!! Thanks for your response. He is sleeping better now.

Wilma (Mother)

My symptoms prior to taking DigestaCure: insomnia

Months 4

How many capsules a day? 6

My symptoms that have gone away are: sleeping better

My symptoms that improved are: blood test tsh normal

At this time, I would estimate that my symptoms have improved: 70%