I wanted to let you know that I left a post on the Lichen Sclerosis Support Group on Yahoo (on Sunday, 8/28/11).  I’ve been with them for about 6-7 years.  I sincerely hope many will make contact with you. Outside the support group, I’m also recommending that individuals contact you, who are contending with   illnesses/disorders/diseases other than Lichen Sclerosis.

Soon, I’m also planning on posting a message on a plaque psoriasis support group as well, because I have made about a 30% improvement with that patch above my right ankle.

Thank you so much for this supplement!  I’m eager as well as excited to see what Month 2 and 3 will heal and improve for me.  I’m definitely hopeful of “getting my life back.”

I appreciate all you do, and all the information you offer.  I have every confidence in your supplement!

Thanks again!