I’m going to start with a bit of my medical history. I have diabetes, and stage 4 kidney failure. I have had problems with kidney stones for the past 20 years. About 8 years ago I went into the hospital for my kidney stones. While in the hospital I got a yeast infection in my blood. Of course the Doctors didn’t know how this happened. The infection was severe, so they gave me drugs to kill the yeast or the yeast would kill me. None of the drugs worked, they only damaged my kidneys. It got to the point that they wanted to give me a powerful drug that would kill the yeast, and also kill my kidneys. I told them no &^$#@$$# way they said if I didn’t take the drug I would be DEAD in 60 days from the yeast infection. I still refused. I went online and found a natural organic treatment that was used in Japan for 10 years that had no side effects. I started taking it , it kills yeast and eats it. My urine turned dark red and very cloudy, it was the dead yeast coming out. Of course the Doctors were amazed.I recently have had problems with constipation and diarrhea and came across Digestaqure. I started taking it on 5/17/2009. I no longer have bowel problems.

I have stents in both kidneys to my bladder, so that the yeast won’t block me up. They have to be replaced every 6 months this is done in the hospital, outpatient surgery. The Doctor also scopes my bladder to see how it looks. I just had this done on July 22, 2009. The doctor said that the bladder and the stents looked better then ever. After I stared taking Digestaqure I noticed that my urine was very dark and cloudy and a very bad smell. The Digestaqure was enabling my body to kill the yeast. My urine is still like that after 3 months.

Before I started taking Digestaqure my kidneys were operating at 16% only 6% away from dialysis and the need for a transplant. On 8/14/2009 my Doctor called with the results of my last blood test, my kidney function IMPROVED and is now at 18%, AMAZING. Getting rid of more yeast has helped my kidney function, thank you DIGESTAQURE. My vision has improved, and I have more energy. My lab tests prove beyond a doubt that I will be taking DIGESTAQURE for the rest of my life. I will keep you posted as I improve even more.