My Illness or Diseases:  Well irritable bowel, bloating and pain, arthritis, constipation – My Symptoms prior to taking Digestaqure:  abdominal cramping , abdominal pain , abdominal swelling , abdominal tenderness , bloating, constipation , diarrhea , flatulence, high blood pressure , high blood sugar levels, high cholesterol , joint pain, migraine , nausea.

I have been taking Digestaqure for:  2 Months,  1 Week

I am currently taking:  8 a day

My symptoms that have gone away:  NO CONSTIPATION – BLOATING – PAIN – JOINT PAIN EASED

My overall condition has improved:         70%

My most bothersome Symptoms remaining are:  None that are bothersome – I am hoping for better numbers in bp and cholesterol – but my biggest bothersome problem has subsided (constipation) which has eliminated bloating, pain and nausea. I am very happy with that. Thank God for this product.