Hi my name is Denise Green and I am 34 years old now. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome in December of 2012, and I took Bentyl for the pain and it had really bad side effects too. And I had multiple surgies on my stomach and I was in and out of the hospital left and right for it too. I cried every night because of the pain and I doubled over in knots too when the pain was intense. And i lost a lot of weight too, I was down to 95 lbs. And i could not eat anything either because if i did i would get extremely nauseated and feel sick to my stomach. There was times that I had intense back pain due to the IBS. and my stomach was swollen too left and right. And i also was diagnosed with fibromaylgia too. And I was constantly feeling tired everyday, and I also had incontience too, and I was also diagnosed with Meneare’s Disease too on April 20th of 2012, and I was having constant ringing in my ears too. and now i could eat almost anything that i want too including fried foods, and it doesn’t even bother me and i can also also eat spicy foods and it doesn’t both me. I have picked my weight back up too. I weigh 139 lbs now, the weight is where it should be. I got better by taking digestaqure on a regular basis.