An Autobiography of my Life

You would think that kids would want to take the lettuce in their sandwiches or skip the salad at dinner, but that’s not the case with me. I’m Holly Davidson. Every day since I was about seven years old I have lived with IBD or (inflammatory Disease) its basically a disease of the intestine.

It was at my grandma’s house around my birthday that I started to feel a discomfort in my stomach. I told my mom and she decided to let it slide but the pain continued. It was almost to hard to bear so my mom took me to the doctor. they ran like what seemed to be a million tests to find nothing so they sent me to a specialist. I was afraid and nervous to been seen by someone who looked at people with things wrong with them out of the ordinary . The word specialist was frightening. I’m guessing it would be for most seven year olds. I was then diagnosed with IBD. I didn’t know what to think. I had no clue what IBD was but I did know one thing… I didn’t want to have it! It kept me from eating the foods I loved and if I did splurge I was punished with grueling pain afterwards. I would cry for long hours asking “why” to god and pleading with him to make it stop.  It was the only thing I knew to do. I hated going to the doctor every three months to be checked on.  I did not have a good relationship with the doctor at all. She was unfriendly to me and my mom, who was the one making the sacrificed to take time off her life and try and help me. I felt like all the doctor did was tell me that I would have this forever and write me a new prescription every visit.

I started to realize that I had taken eating for granite before I was diagnosed.  I used to hate my mom for making me eat healthy and always telling me to eat my veggies.  After I was diagnosed, all I wanted was to be able to eat healthy like a regular kid. I craved salad and food that my sister would eat. It was just to hard on my digestive system. I would eat something and then two minutes later I would have to use the restroom. It was a vicious cycle, and it was not only taking over me but my life. I felt like giving up so many times a day Not only was this talking over but so was the depression. It seems not right, hu? A child with depression, but that’s what had become of the situation. When all hope seemed lost my mom started reading testimonies online. She would have me read them and it would give me a small flicker of hope. Yet still I was off and on with the sickness. Some days I felt great and others I felt so sick that I wouldn’t even get out of bed. I was missing school and more importantly missing out on life as a child. Then one day my mom found hope. She had been reading some more testimonies when she found a link to what is called “Digestacure”. It is an all natural pill made up of mostly the plant Aloe Vera. I think we both felt that this was the key. That this was the answer to our prayers.

My dad was the only thing stopping us. He had always been a very economical man and the medicine was a little over $400.00 . It was not the easiest thing to do, but we finally persuaded him. Maybe he felt this was the answer to his prayers too.

Every day was like a stab in the back waiting for that medicine. When it finally arrived I was overjoyed. After about a week of taking the medicine I noticed improvement. Sometimes I would think to myself is this really real? Am I really getting better? It was the truth though. I was getting better. I thanked god for it every day. Now I’m still here today. Even though I am still living with it I know it is so far gone that any day now I will truly be healed. I feel so much better words can not describe it. I am only going to the bathroom twice a day when I used to go around six to twelve times a day. I am eating healthier and can almost eat all the foods I used to. I know my boundaries with food now and am trying to stick to them every day. I started sixth grade this year and found out that my teacher has been suffering with this disease her whole life. My mom gave her the website for the medicine and she said she would try it out. I guess it really is a small world after all. I would like to say thank you to Digestacure, but more importantly to the one who really made it happen….. my lord JESUS CHRIST I guess the only thing I have left to say, is to never give up on yourself and most of all never give up on God. The End