Dear DigestaCure, I started taking the product April 19, 2011,(8 weeks in) just after I got out of the hospital with pneumonia caused by GERD that had aspirated into my lungs. At that time and I am not exaggerating, I really didn’t think I was going to live. I was on oxygen 24/7 and so many other lung medication that I didn’t have time to do anything but keep track of which one and when to take it. Also I was on 30mg of Prevacid twice a day.

I was so very sick. I went to the Internet and looked up GERD and found DigestaCure. After reading the great information on the website I ordered it right away. I took the product as directed for 9 days. During which time I thought that I had just spent a lot of money that I couldn’t afford as this product wasn’t doing anything, I didn’t feel any different.

However, on the 10th day I thought maybe a miracle had occurred. When I woke up that morning I was not gasping for air and I hadn’t coughed all night as I usually had and as I rolled over and looked at the ceiling the most important thing of all, for the first time in weeks I knew I was going to live. What a wonderful feeling! Chills go through me even now as I relate the experience to you.

I have so many health problems that I really don’t know where to start. However, these are the symptoms I can tell you that bother me most. I have had Hypothyroidism since the 70s, as I am a down winder from a nuclear plant. constipation, bloating and gas, depression, weak bladder, atria fibrillation being on 3mg of Coumadin daily plus other heart medicine, COPD and of course GERD. The heart medication keeps my BP very low {95/50} and yet my heart rate stay from 95 to 100 even at rest. So I am very weak, high cholesterol. And this is just to name a few of my problems. Now after taking this product about 8 weeks I not only know I am going to live but my depression has lessened, I can go to the store and no longer have to worry about weak bladder problem, I am almost completely off oxygen and several of the lung medications. I still cough but not as severe as I did. I have been able to cut the Prevacid in half. In fact, each morning when I wake up I look forward to feeling the subtle changes and improvements in my body.The tests that were just taken for the problems I mentioned came out quite good. My thyroid meds have been cut to 6 instead of 7 days a week and this for the first time since I was put on thyroid medication in the 70’s. Bad cholesterol came down good went up. The doctor was amazed at the overall number of the cholesterol because she had been almost begging me to take prescription drugs for the problem. My heart is still giving me problems and goes into fibrillation very easily. Constipation is also still a problem but I do feel the gas and bloating is better. I realize it takes time to heal especially for seniors, which I am, 75 next month, but I am confident as I continue taking this wonderful product I will continue to see the healing benefits. I am currently taking 8 capsules a day and look forward to more improvements as time goes on.

Thanks SOOOOOO much.