My illness or disease: Hypo thyroid, psoriasis, air born allergies, food allergies, leaky gut, arthritis, sinus headaches

My symptoms prior to taking DigestaCure: abdominal cramping, abdominal swelling, acid reflux, allergies, bloating, confusion, digestive problems, drowsiness, fatigue, flatulence, excess gas, hair loss, headaches, hemorrhoids, hormonal imbalances, indigestion, Infections inflammation (general), joint inflammation, joint pain, nasal inflammation, skin disorders

Months 6, Weeks 1

How many capsules are you currently taking per day? 12

My symptoms that have gone away are:

Hypo thyroid. 2 months ago Dr. lowered prescription by half. Last week eliminated thyroid medicine all together.

No more allergy drops needed.

No more Food allergies

No more sinus headache

No more Digestion issues

No more arthritis pain

No more joint pain

My symptoms that improved are: Leaky gut, hair loss

At this time, I would estimate that my overall condition has improved: 90%

My current most bothersome symptoms are: weight hasn’t come off yet