This is truly a miracle. I am so grateful! I want to tell the world about this wonderful product, Digestacure! It’s amazing. You will be well again – just follow the directions.

I was severely hyperthyroid. I do not take any drugs and I am 66 yrs old, very energetic and love to work and stay active. That was my biggest problem. I just happened to get a check-up and my doctor said I was hyperthyroid. I didn’t believe her. She ran down all of the symptoms and I said – no way. Then I hung up the phone and thought about it. I have every one. Two months later I was on my back with severe diarrhea, extreme fatigue, severe insomnia, nervousness and anxiety, I lost 28 pounds and started having very rapid heartbeat which I calmed with bugle weed, motherwort and lemon balm herbs. I refused to take methimazole, radio active iodine treatment or beta blockers. My “Good health” had suddenly disappeared. I was in a desperate situation not knowing what to do- only knowing for sure what I was NOT going to do. I prayed. Then I searched the internet, reading, studying and comparing notes. I finally decided I had to approach this entire problem by dealing with it as an autoimmune disease. I believe God lead me to Digestacure. I spent our last $ to order the first bottle. I did not know if it would work but I thought it was worth a try and that’s when I began to feel better. Within two weeks I went from 8 bms to 3 bms a day. After three bottles I was back to normal. No more bloating, running to the bathroom, ravenous appetite, thinning hair and weakness. I exercise almost 30 minutes everyday, I have better sleep and good digestion. This product is truly a God sent! I realized that something so simple was the big answer to my hyperthyroid dilemma. It is powerful and effective. I now have true and natural restoration of body and mind. Thank you Digestacure for a product that works!