I am taking DigestaCure and encourage everyone that will listen to do the same. I am a 59 year old African American Male and have been a Vegetarian for decades and had a Blood Pressure of around 110/65 with a pulse rate of about 57. However, I am balding and have problems with my stomach. After taking DigestaCure, my Blood Pressure went down to around 105/60 and the pulse rate remained about the same. I recently start share an order of DigestaCure with my wife since it is available in an effort to improve my stomach and hair growth. I have also purchase DigestaCure for my son who was over 250 pounds and witnessed his Blood Pressure reduction. Additionally, I have witnessed a co-worker, who I suggested take DigestaCure, experience a reduction from 171/91 Blood Pressure to

Optimal Level Blood Pressure within 90 days.