I started taking Digestacure on April 14, 2011. I have just completed 2 solid weeks without any bowel problems. Even though it seems like a long time to get my intended results, each day has been the best I’ve had in over 3 years. As the weeks went by, little by little I started to see changes taking place in all areas of my health. I will never, ever stop taking Digestacure and every time I get a new bottle I give away the papers that accompany it to someone who is struggling with their health.  In the last 2 months I had two doctor appointments and told both of them what was going on with me. When they saw that I was not taking any of the prescription drugs and yet my numbers from blood work had all gone down, they were elated for me. My primary care physician was so happy, I gave him the paper work that comes with each order and he said he was definitely going to research your product.