My Illness or Diseases: HLH

My Symptoms prior to taking Digestaqure: anemia, gland or lymph problems, immune problems, Infections

I have been taking Digestaqure for: 16 Months

I am currently taking: 2 a day

My symptoms that have gone away: Dr’s can’t explain Daniel’s continued progress. Our family was told I would live 48 hours back in May of 2012. We have spoken with your product specialist throughout the last year and continue to be so happy with my numbers and progress. I was getting my CBC weekly and my platelets were anywhere from 4,000 to 8,000 for months and hemoglobin averaged from 4-8 as well. Today I only get my blood tested every other month and my numbers have been hemoglobin 12 and platelets have been 400,000! 🙂 I was discharged from Hospice 3 months ago.

My overall condition has improved: 80%

My most bothersome Symptoms remaining are: Still have enlarged lymph nodes in stomach and liver is still enlarged. Spleen back to normal and numbers look great