My illness or disease: Hashimoto’s, Autoimmune Hepatitis

My symptoms prior to taking DigestaCure: abdominal pain, agitation, allergies, bloating, constipation, fatigue, flatulence, excess gas, hair loss, headache, Irritability, joint inflammation, joint pain, memory loss, menstrual problems

List any other symptoms or conditions not shown: Chronic itching, Increase in freckles/ moles

Months 8, Weeks 1, Days 5

How many capsules are you currently taking per day? 12

My symptoms that have gone away are: abdominal pain, excess gas, headache, constipation, agitation, menstrual problems, bloating, flatulence

My symptoms that improved are: memory loss, fatigue, finally started losing weight

At this time, I would estimate that my overall condition has improved: (check one) 90%