My Symptoms prior to taking Digestaqure: abdominal pain, abdominal swelling, abdominal tenderness, allergies, bloating, confusion, constipation, digestive problems, fatigue, flatulence, excess gas, hair loss, hemorrhoids, hormonal imbalances, immune problems, Infections, inflammation (general), insomnia, joint inflammation, memory loss , nasal inflammation, vision loss

I have been taking Digestaqure for: 3 Weeks

I am currently taking: 8 a day

My symptoms that have gone away: my hair has stopped falling out.

My Symptoms that has improved: I was having a lot of pain on the left abdominal side, now not so much.

My overall condition has improved: 40%

My most bothersome Symptoms remaining are: Insomnia, constipation, memory loss, nasal inflammation, abdominal pain