My symptoms prior to taking DigestaCure:  low blood sugar levels,  nasal inflammation, nausea, high blood pressure, indigestion,  inflammation,  Irritability,  joint pain,  confusion,  constipation,  digestive problems,  fatigue,  flatulence,  excess gas,  hair loss, headache,  abdominal cramping,  abdominal pain,  abdominal tenderness,  acid reflux,  allergies,  bloating,  burning pain
Today’s Date: 12-26-11
I have been taking Digestaqure for: months weeks 101 days
I am currently taking 8 a day
My symptoms that have gone away are: abdominal tenderness, excessive gas, belching, headaches, blood pressure normal!!!
My symptoms that have improved are:  Abdominal pain and cramping, nausea, bloating, bowels are better, anxiety
At this time, I would estimate that my symptoms have improved:  70 %
My current most bothersome symptoms are:  Nasal inflammation, arthritis pain and pain in muscles, fatigue or low energy. I had some abdominal problems back again last week but I’m already feeling better again. 3 steps forward a couple of steps back. It’s all good because I know I’m getting better all the time.