I will never stop using this glorious product, so long as you don’t change all that you do to make this ,the gift that it is to me NO KIDDING… I know this might sound a bit much, but take it from me, I was suffering pain and was dealing with sigmoid diverticulitis. I know this because I saw the cat scan. I tried other holistic means for relief, I don’t take prescription drugs because I believe they create more problems for people then they are worth, however I became so frightened that I decided to take two antibiotics that my doctor prescribed  and the side effects were so intense after 3 1/2 days of using that the doctor pulled me off the meds. while going trough all of this I discovered your web-site. i read everything, I even printed the free e-book you offered “code of life” and I refer to it even now for its wealth of info, even though I am healed of this problem.(sorry I got ahead of myself) the bottom line is here is this, I just want to thank you so very much. I also want to acknowledge the one on one support I received from the staff, I shudder to think to think about the state I would be in if I had not used digestaqure and followed the directions that were offered by them to the tee. thank you I feel great I can do my aero-Pilates again. everything works like clock work, I have no discomfort I have energy, and I look fabulous. I would not stop using this aloe any more than I would stop using any of my other daily supplements, in fact I believe that after my experience that digestaqure is the best thing I do for myself everyday. and I take great care of myself, so that is really saying a lot.

Again thank you so very much.