November 18, 2011. Digestacure is highly effective. The patient (diagnosed with diverticulitis)   took the healing program for about 4 months then has been on a maintenance program for 11 months. It was apparent that the patient was making very substantial progress during the first month with no new symptoms but we continued the healing program with the assumption that more healing time might be required. After 4 months of symptom-free healing, the patient changed to the maintenance program and for the past 11 months has remained pain free, distress from and very comfortable. We have ordered three additional large bottles today to continue the maintenance program. If there is no side effect from long term use, we elect to stay on the maintenance program. This preparation is so effective with so little cost that it should be brought to the attention of the public in a more broad media presentation.

Two medical doctors refused to discuss the effectiveness of the product when we presented it. Because they represent a different approach to diverticulitis (surgical), they would not review our submittal of treatment. However, both doctors now see the patient healing without surgery, without costly drugs and the side-effects of same.  It is obvious and very certain that we are on the right track with Digestacure.