I had suffered with Diverticulitis for nearly eight years. My son bought it for me, and frankly I did not believe it would do much for me. My doctor told me there was no cure for Diverticulitis. It sat in the cupboard for about six months, unopened. One night was particularly more painful than any had been ever before. The burning as horrible and I could not sleep the entire night. I found myself in the kitchen at four in the morning reaching for the unopened bottle. I began taking the pills everyday and after the first week I had no more burning and was sleeping through the night. It has been almost two years now and I have not had any symptoms of diverticulitis. I am so grateful for this product. I could have eliminated the last six months of suffering if I would have started taking it when my son got it for me. Everyone who has diverticulitis should take Digestacure.

Thank you so much.