In October 2004 I was told to go to the emergency room by my doctor because, he had received the results from the standard routine blood work he performed the previous day. While I was with him I had requested that he test me for diabetes, I had all of this symptoms, muscle aches, thirst, very weak and lethargic. I didn’t know that he was supposed to stick my finger and get immediate blood sugar results. So, he sent me home. The next day he called me and said that I should go to the emergency room as soon as possible because my blood sugar was 980. I was very disoriented, So, I left work and drove myself to the emergency room I had no idea that I could’ve went into a diabetic coma while driving. The ER nurse told me that most people pass out with blood sugars of 600 I was admitted into the hospital and was on my back for three days with IV’s in both arms. I recovered and was given a prescription for insulin Humulin (fast acting ) three times a day and Lantis ( slow acting) for bedtime.

I have been on those medications for nine years and eight months.

I was at work looking at my bloodwork and a coworker walks up to me and asked me why was I looking so serious? I told him that i’d been taking Natural Herbs and perfect diets with no results. He then proceeded to tell me that he used to have Sarcoidosis . I have a relative with that disease and it’s chronic and uncurable, so, I found that very hard to believe! So quite naturally I asked how? He gave me digestaqure website and I asked him how long did it take for him to be without sarcoidosis he said six months and a maintenance plan after after that. I had known this coworker for 18 years so I believed him. I went on faith and read The Code of Life by Dr. Ronald P. Drucker. I started taking eight capsules per day for two weeks then upped that to 12 caps, the detox stage lasted for two months I’ve never had allergies but my nose was running and bad stuff was coming out with me regularity. Just as Dr. Drucker said I stuck with It.

On July 15, 2013 my test results were so good that my doctor took me off of insulin completely . that’s seven months from when i started Digestaqure! I am so very happy to finally be free of those needles ? The doctor still prescribed Prandin .05 mg which is the lowest dose of medication I’m going to keep checking my blood sugar and take Prandin if needed.

I have a belief that with digestaqure I will no longer be diabetic. Thanks to this wonderful product and the dedicated people at Pristine Nutraceuticals for bringing me to being free and to heal naturally.