I would like to report my status after taking Digestacure for 1 year.

First is my diabetes.

A. The fasting glucose measures have gradually come down this year. 105, 106, 96, 92. Before starting on Digestacure, my measures ranged from 117 – 170: (the 170 may not have been while fasting; but 117-120 was the usual range until Oct 2014, when Digest.. was started) All measures since Feb 2013 have been while taking Metformin 70mg.

B. A1C . Around Feb 2013, I started taking Metformin, because it was concluded I was no longer pre-diabetic, since the A1C was now at 7.1

A large dose of Metformin reduced A1C to 5.9, but my doctor wanted a smaller dose. When on 70 mg, my A1C hovered between 6.4 to 6.8.

Within a couple of weeks after starting Digest.. it rapidly dropped to 6.2. It has taken a year to get back to 6.2, with measures 6.5 and 6.4 in between. Notably in past year there have been two 6.2, one 6.5 and one 6.4. The year before, discounting the low 5.9 when on high dose of Metformin, the A1C range was 6.4-6.8. This certainly seems to indicate a significant reduction in A1C since starting Digestacure.

C. The two measures taken together which both indicate a significant decrease show me there has been improvement in my Diabetes since taking Digestacure.

Blood Clotting factors

A. For 4 years before taking Digestacure I always showed the presence of an autoimmune blood clotting factor, lupus phosil lipid. A measure taken in May of this year showed the autoimmune factor no longer significant.

B. I have had venous insufficiency in my legs for 15 years. There is no longer a strong indication of this condition.

I have taken 8 capsules a day for the year.

It appears overall that Digestacure is making a significant improvement in my autoimmune system.