My illness or disease:  I have crohns, ulceritive colitis and ibs. This winter I was so sick the pain was intense if I eat anything. The pain in my joints was so bad I couldn’t even roll over in bed without extreme pain.
Finally my Doctor put me on prednizone and increased the asocol up to 12 a day. The prednizone was amazing. However we all know it sucks to be on it. I started at 40 mg and went down to 5mg. When I stopped completely all symptons came right back. My Dr. wanted me to go back up to 40mgs. I found digestacure on the internet. After 10 days on, I stopped the prednizone completely. I have had ZERO cramps, diarrhea or joint pain. I feel so great after only 1 month. I can’t wait to tell my Dr. because as you can guess, he was against it. He insisted on meds. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to him. Your product has literally saved my life. It’s a good feeling to know that the product is all just plants. It’s true healing and not masking the problems.

Thank you so much, sorry about the horrible spelling.