Dear Nick, I am writing to thank you so very much for our very long conversation last December, 2010, which was the beginning of the turning point in my son’s life.  You so patiently talked with me regarding my son’s medical condition and all of your encouraging words, made me give your product, DigestaCure a try.  My son had been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at 11 years old and had been for the most part, very sick for 2 1/2 years.  After trying several anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids, he basically was starving to death because he could not absorb any nutrients from the food he ate.  I eventually, at the age of 13, had to put him on a form of chemotherapy to stop the havoc his immune systems was causing in his body.  His large intestines and ileum were being attacked by his own immune system and he was losing blood and all nutrients from the food he ate.  In addition to his body flushing all of the nutrients out, his body had began to not allow food to even stay in.  He started throwing up anything he ate, losing 30 pounds in about a 2 month period. The doctors even said that if he lost another pound, they would have to hospitalize him and put a permanent feeding tube in.  During that terrible time in my son’s life, I just happened to see an ad for DigestaCure and I would have paid, or done anything if it would have helped.  I first read all the information on your website and then, I needed to hear what I read from a real live person.  That is when I made the call and spoke to you, Nick, and we swapped stories and I was encouraged that this could help my son.  At that point, I expressed my desire to contact my doctor first before ordering because I knew my son would need to be monitored by blood-work to see any progress and you encouraged me to do so.  When I spoke to my doctor, she advised me that there were a lot of scams out there, but that if I gave her a few days, she would look into your product and get back to me on her thoughts.  Two days later, I received a call, which was on December 2, 2010 and she said its a go and that she was very pleased to be a part of this trial.  On December 5, 2010, I received the six bottles in the mail and my son started taking 18 pills a day, 3 pills, six times a day.  After 30 days, I took him off the chemotherapy, without authorization from his doctor, and he has been symptom free and feeling great ever since.  His bloodwork has stabilized and the only thing that is slightly abnormal is his iron levels, but from what I understand of that, it takes a long time for iron levels to go back to normal on their own.  His bathroom habits are normal, he feels great and eats anything he wants.  He is now currently on the maintenance dosage which is 3 pills in the morning and 3 before bed.  He is very active, playing goalie for several lacrosse teams and will be starting 10th grade football in August.  Back when he was first diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 11, he had to quit football because he did not have the energy to play anymore in addition to the debilitating bathroom habits that accompany this disease. I had ordered six bottles of 270 Pills per bottle and have just ordered my next six bottles.  So far, this product has done what it said it was going to do and MORE.  Now at the age of 15, my son is back to normal and that’s all I want for him.  He has been taking DigestaCure for 7 months now and is prescription free and symptom free.  It was the MIRACLE we were looking for.  Thank you again Nick, because if it wasn’t for you, I would never have tried DigestaCure and I don’t even want to think what my son’s quality of life would be today.

You are truly his lifesaver and mine.  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo