Dear Digestacure, I had bloody colitis for months, went to doctors and more doctors. All they give you are more expensive drugs with a lot of side effects, Asacol for one. Went on the web and started searching for help and came across Digestacure and was very skeptical.  When I read the web site, – yeah right this stuff really works, so – I ordered a large bottle and have been taking it since febuary18th. Some blood in the stool for about 3 weeks, still some blood and mucus, but not as much and I was very happy to have a bowel movement. Since the start of the forth week so far …no blood and good bowel movements. Also, I would like to add that I had Gerd for years and years (acid reflux). I hadn’t been paying much attention to it, trying to get the colitis under control, and then I notice my acid reflux is 95% gone and I am now off Aciphex (at about $3.00 a pill) and take an occasional tums. Wow I couldn’t believe it. I shall continue with Digestacure for as long as it takes and then keep it around and take it as a maintenance for good health.

Thank you Digestacure