It all began two and a half years ago.  I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, gerd, and lupus.  I suffered terribly with all of the common symptoms of them, including sever joint pain to where I could barely walk at times.  I literally thought my life was over.  Yet now I know that my life has a new beginning with Digestaqure.  On that day it was a miracle.  I woke up with no symptoms of anything.  My colitis was gone, my gerd was gone and my joint pain was completely gone.  And now to this day I have not had one symptom come back.  I will forever take this product.  It has not only healed me, but continues to maintain a healthy digestive track for me.  Thank you Steve and Nick for all of your aid in my healing and thank you God and Digestaqure for giving me a second chance on life!!! Forever yours,